Hello from Borden Ontario!

Hello fellow Ticats fans!

For anyone that remembers me I am now in Borden Ontario. My Basic Training course in Saint-Jean Quebec is over and I am now awaiting my new course here in Borden.

I'm excited for the start of next season and hoping that it'll bring a few good times with it! Also looking forward to being able to see a few more games at Ivor Wynne.

Some other good news, too.

In about 5 months the Tiger-Cats are going to have another little fan to cheer them on. I can't wait to buy him/her their first T-Cats shirt!


Congrats and good to hear from you...Although I haven't met you but I've read your posts and wish you and your family all the best :thup: :rockin:


Welcome to the HE-double-hockey-sticks of PRETC...

Don't worry Rusty, this too shall pass...

PRETC is the worst thing I've ever done in my life so far! lol

So boring!

I start my course on Jan. 14th so I'm lucky. No 12 months of pretc.

Hey Rusty,

I was posted to Borden (Boredom) for 4 years!!
Is Crossovers (bendovers) still there on Hwy 90??

Hey Rusty:

Congrats on the new bambino!

Good luck with the training and Happy Holidays.

Remember there's always a bite to eat and a cool one waiting for you in Lot J.


Hey Rusty... thanks for the update and Congratulations! :thup:

I'll bet you are just "lovin" all the snow up here EH? :roll: :lol:

At least you've got this forum to help you keep looking forward to trips to Ivor Wynne! :wink:

mikem - yes, it is. Misty's is a better bet though... :wink:

Congrats, but have fun in Borden. My daughter was there for a Cadet Music Camp, NOT IMPRESSED>even for the kids too military for me.
As for the Big Boys and Girls, God bless and thank you for your committment to our Country !!!

Great to hear from you, Rusty and congrats on the great news. All the best of luck to you.

I don't think Borden will be AS bad once I start my course. At least I'll be here for a reason. Right now it's just one big gong show.

Also... thanks for the well wishes about the baby to be.

As far as the snow... it's all over the place! But I kind of like it.

I could describe it as something I can't say in a "family" forum...

Does "jug-****" ring a bell? lol

Indeed it does. LOL

I'm guessing that I'll end up in Pet... which is good because I want a tour.

I spent a fair amount of time in Borden. What trade are you getting onto?