Hello, first live game in a long time.


Last night was the first time I had been to a live Football Game since I was young.I mean I watch the Lions on TV but I finally got to move back home recently and was given some really nice seats :thup: and I had A BLAST,I had forgot how great live football was.I guess the the only thing that was bad lol it was pretty warm in there.I do have a plan for that though (Lion Jersey and shorts :wink:). I Look forward to watching the rest of the home games this year. Now to decide on which Jersey to get.


PS to the mad guy it seems you did not give yourself enough time .I have not been to BC Place in awhile and I knew it was going to be a busy night in Vancouver so I gave myself more time to get there.

Besides how can you be grumpy I have been home for 2 months and it has rain maybe 4 days.(lol it does not count when you are sleeping)

:thup: Welcome back!

Rahl, its always been enjoyable for me. I come down from the Interior for the majority of BC Lion games and enjoy everyone of them!