Hello Discount Good Bye playoff chances

For those of us who had Faith and Came back this year
Hoping we finally Turn the corner.
We Paid for a Playoff Ticket and Seasons.
We now get our Reward
25% off Next years Ticket(s).

Tom What About Playoffs You Ask
Playoffs !!!
you got to be kidding me Right

We Face BC This week
Then Montreal Back to Back
The Off to Ridervile
Home For Calgary
Then off to Peg For a Game in the Cold..

We be lucky to win 1 of those
We have to Run Table to get in the Plays off
Anyone who thinks we can do this
Should go up to west 5Th
See the men in the White coats.

So Start looking at New players
Find a Good Coaching Staff
Get Ready for next year
Spend Money in FA don't cheep out ..

Go Over The Cap if that what takes to make the Playoff
The CFL will Fine us
so what
The CFL will Take away a Draft picks
we have Good Canadians Already.
Our US Talent need a Major Upgrade.
so spend spend spend..

As For this year
It is Over Toast RIP DONE Forget about it

Never agreed with your look at wanting us to lose for a discount!I never want us to lose tom! Geeeeeez!

The key question is, we are going to get 25% off of what? The cats haven't confirmed ticket pricing for next year yet.

I think we will see a moderate increase in prices again. I just don't see how you can attract fans.

2 years ago, I sat in section 9 for 185. $18.50 a game! How can you beat that.

Last year, I sat in section 7 for 395. I was willing to put out the cash and sit closer to mid field.

This year, the seats in section 7 went up to 500 with the early bird. So I move 6 feet over to section 7 for 342 plus 10% so 380 all told.

I don't know where my 380 is going next year.

I have to admit though, as disappointed I am with the losing record, we do have a very competitive team. A minor upgrade on the dline and we are a 500 team right now. With a better oline and dline, we lose 3 possibly 4 games this year.

It's amazing what the difference between winning and losing is.

The only good thing about the situation is that for the amount of people that paid the large increase they lost enough fans with the play on the field, probably evening out in gate revenue or coming close.... having said that, I never bought into this 25% off idea because they didnt guarantee a price freeze. Im willing to bet it becomes a 10% discount once the next price increase hits.

8) Crash, if this franchise has the audacity and nerve, and stupidity to increase season ticket prices next year, to off set the 25% discount coming to seasons holders, that would be tantamount to committing franchise suicide !!!
 I would be willing to bet that if they do increase prices, you will see hundreds(or thousands) of long time season tix holders just simply pack it in  !!!

 The big question is, will management be that foolish  ?????              <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Yes they will be. With all of the fed up subcribers leaving or “claiming to leave”, they will make their money back and then some with the new subscriber who sees that this team is progressing and will be good next year.