Hello CFL Fans

Eagles fan from Philly here. I love football and I'm a diehard Eagles fan but I also like to follow the CFL. The CFL is interesting becuase of the 3 downs, 12 men and 110 yard playing field. Down this way, we don't get to see alot of CFL games, but we do get them from time to time and I went to a few Baltimore Stallions games when they were around. OLN was showing the NHL playoffs from a CBC feed, so I'm hoping maybe OLN will show some CFL games. I guess my CFL team would be the Tiger Cats, what are your teams? Do you like any NFL teams? Take care and look forward to talking football with you and best of luck to your respective teams this season.

Esks and the Seahawks are my favs. I caught about 20 NFL games on tv last year, and although I do enjoy watching it, I still prefer the CFL. Anyways, thanks for coming by, and hopefully you'll get to watch some cfl games on tv this year.

Of course my favourite team is the Riders (which you can probably tell by my username), and my team in the NFL is the Chicago Bears, who I've followed since I was about 4 because of sweetness himself, Walter Payton.

Thanks for the welcome. Walter Payton was a great player and role model. I always like to watch him play and rooted for him(except when he played against the Eagles)

NFL SUX. too many teams, IMO....then again, some would argue the CFL doesnt have enough.

the NFL can give us the buffalo bills to beat-up on..lol

Hey Eaglesfan113, funny you should like the Ti-Cats (as I do) because I believe Donovan MacNab married a Hamilton girl who I believe is the sister of Richard Nurse who played receiver for the Ti-Cats a few years back.

Can anyone confirm this?

I've liked the Dolphins ever since I atarted following their undefeated run in '72.

My NFC team would be the Bears.

Check out the thread regarding U.S. CFL coverage on AmericaOne.

welcome eagles......what do you think of ricky williams playing in the cfl and what joe theissman had to say about it.....

how bout, he put those thoughts in a thread about ricky and joe.

is there an echo in here....

Hey Eaglesfan113! I also live in the Philadelphia area, East Norriton, Pa. to be exact, but I wasn't born in this area, so I'm not an Eagles fans. I root for the guys up the New Jersey Turnpike, the New York Giants.
Where are you from in the Philadelphia area?

Now to answer the big question at hand in the CFL, and that is about Ricky Williams. There is no doubt he's a talented football player, very fast and a tough runner, but the real question is his motivation. I think he's motivated to play this year because it's his last chance to get back into the NFL and to keep getting the really big paydays. Also, he would owe the Miami Dolphins $8.5 million in bonus money if he doesn't play for them again, and I'm not sure he has that kind of money to pay back to them. My personal opinion is he's in a way using the CFL to get back to the NFL, and he will be in the CFL for ONLY one year. If he plays well, he'll want to return to the Miami Dolphins,and if he has a terrible year, the Dolphins may not want him back, and the Argos probably wouldn't either. In any way you look at it, this is most likely a one season situation for Ricky Williams and the CFL.

Wether you agree with Theismann's opinion of Williams or not, he is entitled to it.... my problem is the that CFL or NFL do not honour the other's suspensions. They need to come to some sort of agreement where they do just that... there seems to be a bit of circus atmosphere surrounding Williams and another suspended back, Onterrio Smith. Quincy Carter, who played for the Cowboys, tried out at the Montreal Alouettes camp, was cut. The CFL is a pro league and some former NFLers are finding that out the hard way.
My favourite team is the Riders, and they made some bold moves to improve the team, so we shall how it work out.

Welcome, Eaglesfan! No surprise, I've been an Argo fan all my life, and don't see it changing, although they try my patience at times. My NFL teams: Dolphins, Lions are my 2 favourite.

Hey, mate, welcome to the forum!

to answer your questions.

  1. Bombers, Argos
  2. Jaguars, Dolphins, Giants

I just hope that Ricky Williams gets his career back on track and learn from his past mistakes. I think it will be good for the CFL. Joe Theisman, he has a right to his opinion, but watching Sunday Night Football with him announcing was horrible. He was a good QB but a terrible commentator.

Welcome Eagles. Regarding TV coverage, I don't know how you recieve your programming, but if you have either satellite provider you should be able to see quite a few games.

Again welcome to the forum,enjoy the talk and the games.

Captain, I think you are right about that. I do recall hearing that.

I live In Ardmore,PA. I live two minutes from Lower Merion H. S., which is referred to as "Kobe" school alot. I have friends who are Giants and Redskins fans and we are always ribbing each other, but it is all in good fun. One thing I'm sure we have in common is that we don't like the Dallas Cowboys.

I take it you were born in the NY Metro Area?

Yah ... welcome Eagles ... isn't Jeff Garcia there now?

How did u find this board ... searchin for 'the rouge' or 'K-K!'

Sorry K-K!

CFL - Bombers

NFL - Chiefs

Again, thanks for all of the welcomes.

We have Garcia here. Anyone is better at back up QB then what we had last season in Mike McMahon

On how I found this board, I went to the MSN search and typed in CFL and came upon it. I love football.