Hello, Can you play the OL in four days?

Where do we get two good OL and have them ready in four days? Talking of four days, will some explain why it is that we have to play two games in five days? With 8 teams why can't we play every week without any breaks?. Not only that but to play the finalist in the Grey Cup. I'm sure the league is not ganging up on us. Are they?

I agree 100% no reason for a schedule like that. I think Mtl has 2 games in 5 days twice this year

we have no choice, the Ottawa suspension hit all teams sch hard, we just got to deal with it the best we can.

This schedule is the worst I've ever seen. Teams go from a bye week to playing three games in 12 days. Teams play each other three times in four weeks. No rhyme or reason to why teams go on bye. Toronto and Edmonton were on bye this week. My Als haven't played them yet, WE HAVEN'T PLAYED ANYONE EXCEPT HAMILTON AND WINNIPEG, but guess what? We play Winnipeg. And guess who we play this week? Hamilton. Why, why, why? I know Ottawa folding threw a monkeywrench into the plans but a drunken ostrich could have drawn up a better schedule, even at the last minute.

I'll predict right now that if the eskimos win on thursday, we'll hear some bluebomber fans complaining and whining about the schedule and how it isn't fair.

The schedule had to be done very quickly, as soon as the league realized that ottawa would be suspending operations this season. Shit happens!

...well it is a crappy schedule....but we all got to do the best we can with it...it wouldn't be too bad....if we hadn't had so many guys go down on the 'o' line....this makes things a little dicey....But...there are ways around that...we'll just have to shut the Esks. down...our defence ain't hurting..in fact its healthy except for Omar Evans...all others will be back.. :thup:

the sch this season is just like a Baseball sch (playing in a series), that's the way I look at it.

well look at this way......with the expanded roster we play guys who have been sitting around for awhile and will be ready to go......no excuses for the EE game, the defence is healthy and look for Hebert to be even more involved, Childs joins the offense for a boost and the oline isnt so bad.....

cgy has the worst schedule by far. basically back to backs all season. it could work out well for them if their opponents are banged up at the right time but talk about lame.

Think you will find most teams are in a similar situation. How about playing the same team 3 out of your 4 first games!