Hello....Anybody Home

Is every body sleeping. Mr Desjardins are we going to make some moves. Heaven know we need them. Or are we going with the same setup for the rest of the year.

I don't Where Going to make any Major Moves
Till we have a Head Coach..

At least get a offensive tackle to replace Jamal Powwel who should have been released first thing Monday morning,after his pathetic play on Saturday ,a parking pylon would do a better job!!!!!

Have the Cats written off this season back when the season was only half over. Just makes you want jump up and buy season tickets for 0/7 season.

Are the Cats operating within a very limited budget? Like alot of you, I'm puzzled by the lack of players brought in on trials after the NFL cuts. Your team obviously needs help in several positions but there hasn't been much player personnel activity. I know it costs money to bring guys in so that's why I'm wondering if Bob Young has placed tight fiscal constraints on the team.

Or is it just poor scouting?

An Argo fan

Well the Cats are in a different situation then say Montreal. Good teams can go out and get that U.S. player that will be here for only a year. Where the Cats should be looking for players that will be in town for at least two seasons. That may be a little more difficult of a process.