Hello All

Hey guys (and gals :wink: )
I'm new to posting, but have been a big Bomber fan for a long time. After watching Fridays game against Edmonton, I just had to say a few thing to all those out in computerland :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, each year I get pumped up about our chances, and lately have been very disappointed by the results - so I was trying to be reserved this year. Well guess what? I can't help but get pumped up again :rockin:

To me it's always about the defence, something we have not really had since the Juran Bolden days. I love seeing the attitude they are developing, daring teams to try and go 3rd and 1 on them. the turn around from last year is simply incredable.

As for the offence, I have not liked any of our QB's since Dunnigan, but that is another story. I do love our recievers though, and ofcourse then there is Charlie.

Back to last game though. While it was great to see all those cannons going off, I think alot of the credit should still go towards the D. The defence STOLE 17 points from Edmonton, points that would have been huge for their momentum. It was after that first goalline stand that you could just see the monentum changing. Plays like that are so huge to winning ballgames.

Anyways, my hat goes off to you, the Blue Bomber Defence, for making me proud to be a bomber fan again!

awesome! Nice to see you on the site, I just signed up not to long ago and im impressed by the bomber crowd we are fairly represented.

Iโ€™m with you guys. Iโ€™m a huge Packer fan but keep an eye on the CFL. The last few years have left me kinda just waiting for the NFL season but this year iโ€™m lovin July and August. Good to follow a good Bomber team again. Letโ€™s win one on the road now to prove weโ€™re a team to beat

I dont want to be the team to beat, then we'll start being beat...

Like edmonton last week :wink:

welcome, LGB, G'day!