Hello All


I am a Winnipeg fan for many years but I am now on this site. I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Southern California and I think I will be able to go to my first game in Winnipeg this season.

Any suggestions on where to get some nice gear, how tailgating works, etc?

Any info is appreciated. Thank you!


Hey David,

Welcome to the board. Most of us are long time Bomber fans as well.

The Bomber store is the place for new merchandise and has a website. Kijiji is a Canadian buy and sell site that often has Bomber merchandise listed. Pretty nice game worn Drew Willy jersey for $55 C on there now among others.

Good year to come up for a game as the Bombers have a great stadium and reportedly one of the better teams. Your dollar will make things look cheap at $1.25 or so. Stadium area cranks up a couple of hours before kickoff and there are plenty of good places to hang out or to get a bite.

Were you previously a San Diego Chargers fan? I know that some Chargers’ fans switched to the Blue Bombers in disgust when the Chargers moved to Los Angeles.



No. I am from Philadelphia originally and have been a life-long Philadephia Eagles fan. I had a girlfriend several years ago who was from Winnipeg and her family were season ticket holders. She got me to watch the CFL and became a fan because of her. Have not seen her in years but I stayed a fan of the Bombers after we broke up and have been a fan since. I even get my wife to watch the games with me. While I am a NFL and U.S. College football fan first, I have found the CFL very entertaining, and now with their TV contract with Espn, I can watch the games on TV here or on my computer in the states. I also have Sirius XM radio and I can listen to the games when I am in my car. Never been to a live game, but I think this could be the season that I get up there to see one.

My first post here, welcome to the squad my man. Season ticket holder here, my advise would be to cab to a watering hole somewhere on pembina and take the bus to the game with your ticket. There is usually a tailgate area set up by the bombers on the east side of the stadium that sells beverages and is family friendly. Hope we see you up here soon, banjo bowl would be a good one to see! Go Blue!!