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Hello everyone. My name is Myles and I am from the States in Charlotte, NC USA and also a big fan of the CFL. My team is the B C Lions. I remember the days when Swirvin' Mervyn Fernandez was playing for them in the 80's when I had ESPN at the time and they broadcast the games. I also wish that our NFL would stop griping about playing 18 games. You do in Canada and also have the two game preseason, which our NFL Commissioner wants. You guys have three downs, the NFL has four. I love the 110 yard field. I also like the way you can concede a point, aka Single Point Rouge. Can anyone help me with this problem. I know this is my first post and would like to know how the Lions can make the playoffs. I hope to make everyone's acquaintances and be able to share my love for the CFL with All! Take Care!

Always good to hear from CFL fans in the States. I watch both CFL and NFL, but I definitely prefer the Canadian game - its rules, the bigger field, the pre-snap motion - just makes for a more exciting game. Too bad the expansion into the States didn't catch on, although I think it would have been a mistake to continue without some form of import rule in place for the American teams. Maybe they could have come up with some sort of equivalent regional rule - X number of players must be from the team's region (state, group of states?). Might have created more fan interest in seeing their hometown boys playing?

Anyway, back to the Lions. Gotta tell you, it's not looking good for them. They have two chances of making the playoffs: beat Edmonton in the west standings, or beat Toronto in the east for the crossover. They're currently tied with Edmonton, but as Edmonton took the season match-up, they need to be ahead of them. Not sure if BC will win any of their remaining games, especially given their QB situation and who they need to play. And they need one more point than Edmonton over the rest of the season, and Edmonton (I think) has a slightly easier schedule with the Winnipeg game.

For the crossover, they have to have more points than Toronto. Even less likely, as they are four point back with only three games left. Toronto would need to lose all their remaining games (possible) and BC would need to win all of theirs (highly unlikely). (Technically, one of the Toronto losses or BC wins could be a tie.)

That loss to Edmonton this week may have decided their season. Win it and they pretty much lock up the playoff spot. Lose it, and here they are, desperately fighting for a spot.

But, this is the CFL, and you never know what will happen in any given game. I wouldn't count them out yet, at least for the third western spot.

[b]Dear CatsFanInOttawa,

   And we thought our playoff scenarios were hard to understand.  perhaps you can enlighten me by the term "crossover."  I still think our league is full of boys instead of men.  I wish they would play 18-I wish they would play 25.  I just love football.  Nice to make your acquaintance.  Email me anytime.  Take care!  Myles[/b]

Here's the official explanation:

Basically, it's similar to a wildcard spot in a way. In the CFL, the top three of four teams in each division make the playoffs. Back in the '80s and '90s, the western teams dominated the eastern teams to the point where western fans were calling the western final "the real Grey Cup". So the league put in the crossover rule that allowed the fourth place team in either division to take the third place playoff spot in the other division if they had more points that that third place team.

This happened last year where BC ended up in fourth place in the west but had more points that both Toronto and Winnipeg. So they got to play Hamilton in the eastern semi-final (and won, darn it).

Edit: There is still a chance that Winnipeg could get more points this year than both Edmonton and BC, in which case, they would get the third playoff spot in the west. They are only two points back, and of the three teams, probably have the easiest schedule.

....Stampeders Ticket Centre, Call toll free 1-800-667-3267...although finding group seating for 60-some-odd players and a group of coaching staff could prove difficult in one section...I would suggest you split the team up into say maybe four separate squads....

Offence, defence, lines, and coaching staff.

if toronto was to host a playoff game, I am sure there would be no problem :wink:

Good one!!! :thup:

Thank you again CatsFanInOttawa. If BC does not make it into the playoffs, I hope this year's Grey Cup will promise to be the best yet! Thank you again and as always Take care! Myles

That seems to describe the NFL's Carolina Panthers! I live in Charlotte and I have said this for sometime now. There are those here in Charlotte who seem to think this is excellence. I believe you forgot Front Office in the list. lol Thank you for this board and hope to learn more about the CFL from all here. Thank You! Myles


Well played, sir.

BTW, welcome Myles. Although this has been a disappointing season (or sequance of seasons) for the Lions, there are some positives on the roster. Good group of young talent :thup:

Dear Geroy, I remember the days similar to what BC has been going through with my Washington Redskins for the better part of the 70's. And lo and behold, they won three Super Bowls in the 80's. Must always have faith. That is what being a fan is all about. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement of the BC Lions. Take Care!