hello all

Hi i’m new on here just want to say a hello to everyone :wink:

who is bubbles?

Hi....Hope you're not an Argo fan? :wink:

If you're not, Welcome! :twisted:

Good one!!!

definately not an Argo fan. Ticats all the way, been to 3 games so far this year. As for who bubbles is maybe i will tell ya one day.

Hey BB,

You have the right attitude and sense of humour to belong and survive on this site. Welcome aboard. Have fun.



You hurt me deeply. :cry:

An Argo fan

The deep seated insecurities of Argo fans are once more revealed.

It's always you isn't it?? :smiley:

BB welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy posting here.

welcome and enjoy the site. Just don't bash Morreale or Borehamgirl will RIP you a new one.
just kidding BG

i would never bash Morreale besides if i did at 35 years old wouldn't his fragile bones break. :smiley:

nice one :lol:


:P :oops: no thats not it.

LOL I did kind of apologize for that didn't I?? :smiley:

BB that was just mean. :twisted: 30ish isn't that old anymore :oops:

ya you did apologize, no need though i can take it