Hello Again :D

hey everybody!... :slight_smile:
just wanted to say Howdy, i havnt been sayin much this offseason ive bin pretty busy at work and with school, just thought id let everyone know im back :slight_smile:

ive been reading all your posts so im not far behind on the current news and events :slight_smile:

anyways just thought id stop by and let u all know im here again lol.. im sure some of u dont miss me but its cool, not a big deal :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways. quick qeustion.

im planning on going to the game tomarrow and i need tickets, can you purchase them at the stadium, and if so what time do they stop selling them?


-Blitz :smiley:

Welcome back man!

I know that you can buy tickets at the stadium on Balsam. Not sure what time they stop selling though.

Good to have you back! You should be able to buy tickets right up until game time.

You Can get ticket up till half time

And then you can still get in, and for free at that, but the gates are closed so you have to climb the fence to get in. Is this true? :wink:

lol, thanks guyz. see u tn :slight_smile: