Hello 10,000 Posts

8) Ouch !!! That really hurts !!! :wink:

A Diehard Cat fan thats who! Onknight is a huge 13thMan, he supports the Cats win or losse. goes to there practices and cheers them on! I say CONGRADS to you Onknight my friend! I only have 9689 post to reach that goal! :rockin:
Thats if they dont kick me out before I get it! :lol: :lol:

Ha. well if it isn't Jeffrey 93. The biggest douchebag internet troll there ever was.

Wow.. some people just have NO class.....

Congrats Tom

LOL Russ... never again.. I drink my beer facing the other way, then put the bottle down to read!!


Good technique as always, HTD! :wink:

Hopefully the remainder of this week's fare will be entertaining...

You'll get there :slight_smile:

Thanks I am glad to see they found a Way to get our Post counts intact.

I'm glad they found a way to talk you down from the ledge! :lol:

Yup...and you have 9,689 posts...great. Pauly Shore talks a lot too....that doesn't mean what he says is worth listening to. And even he doesn't brag about how much he talks.....

Ahhh....A "DogsFan".....oh man...did you hear Katz is talking with the city!! Better get your battle gear ready to thwart off any NHL team that might look at Hamilton!!

I don't know about you...but calling somebody the "biggest douchebag internet troll" seems a bit like....umm....trolling? Err wait...is that flaming? Can't remember all this weird internet lingo!

I hope you weren't really flaming though DogsFan....I hope you were just, like others, stroking their post count.

I don't think I have 10,000 post on all the forums of all the sports I contribute to in TOTAL over my entire life. I guess I just don't have as much to say/contribute as others. I spend 97% of my time on forums reading and very little time posting, just the way it is for me I guess.