Heidi II (Nice work CBC)

The CBC gaff has made it south of the border....This from the a sports column in San Francisco Chronicle today:

-- Heidi II - The Reckoning: The CBC dumped an Edmonton-Saskatchewan CFL game because of a lightning storm that delayed the game, went to a movie ("The Good Thief," with Nick Nolte), and when the game resumed, the network stayed with the movie instead of going back to the game, which Saskatchewan won with two late touchdowns.

-- Yes, just like the original Heidi Game.

For the full column visit: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... 01&sc=1000

good grief, have you been sleeping the last 3 days???

I was just noting how the incident has made it to the U.S. press.

ok, I get your point now, carry on :cowboy:

I see your point too, read like I was trying to break the news, I edited the post :smiley:

BTW, sounded like a good ending to the game!