Heh Bobo..

16 to 13… Woooohoooo :rockin:

Lol yea Saints suck Bobo, find a new team man.

NFL related threads belong in off topic.

CFF - Why does this bother you so, my friend? I admit, I am NOT an NFL fan, but a little good natured ribbing between friends? Admittedly this could be a pm but even I - a diehard NFL hater - smiled.

But with so many of our players coming from the NFL and with ex-CFL players like Breaux with the Saints what's the problem. Football is football and it's all relevant.
It's no different than talking about the CIS, that could be off topic too, it's not CFL. We have more ex-NCAA & ex-NFL players on our rosters than ex-CIS.

Words to live by if yer a Giants fan !!! :lol:

Here's what I think of yer Giants !!! :lol:

HA ! HA ! HA ! VERRRRRY FUNNNNNNY GUYS !!! :lol: still 14 games to go, plenty of time and ball yet to be played :rockin: So that's enough out of both of ya's.....Ryan and Ryan :wink: :cowboy:

You should contact whoever runs this board and see if you can just officially become a moderator, since you seem to already think you are, why do you bother who was this thread bugging? This is a forum, I don't know why some think it should be such a rigid, organized place. Do you stand at the streetlights and tell people they shouldn't j-walk when there are no cars in sight?

He is a miserable troll who takes great pleasure in reminding everyone of the rules and telling everyone how they should do things. It’s sad really.

I didn't realize my words held so much influence...

It was something I said in passing - I wasn't aggressive or insulting at all - so where is the issue?

I never talk CIS, NFL or whatever. It's a CFL board, and I was simply reminding people of that.

My thing isn't trying to control people at all, but rather to promote less interest in American things, and more in Canadian - which is something many Canadians need to be reminded of.

Most of us follow American culture like a puppy dog, and in turn forget about our own. It saddens me.