Any use for him here? any room for that matter ? ... and how bad is his attitude

No room really. I mean, if the price is right, then sure.
I personally like Eddie Russ, and the other DB is Dwight Anderson...like him or not, pretty good combo.
Turenne and likely Maze at CBs are fairly solid
Then there are guys to rotate in still in Weldon Brown, Milt Collins, and whomever else wins the battle. If he was say 6-1 or taller I would say yeah, lets see him at CB, but he would actually be the shortest secondary guy on the roster I believe.

He’s less of a douche than Anderson … and probably more left in the tank that Anderson too, but yea I dunno. Russ, Turenne, Maze (might end up the best of the 3) all stepped up big last year. Always liked Milt Collins. Group looks good. Not sure how big a difference Hefney could make.

But I suppose the Riders could use more dreadlocks. Can always use more dreadlocks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anderson signed promptly :thup: with the riders on day one...kudos for him.

FACT: D. Anderson, 31, joined the Roughriders with a reputation as an all-star trash talker and one of the better cover men in the CFL. Head Coach Corey Chamblin and Anderson were also together for three seasons with Calgary. Chamblin was the Stampeders Defensive Backs Coach from "2008 [won Grey Cup]" through 2010. Note of interest; Anderson is excited to be in Regina....rock on.

So he's a douchebag who's happy to be here. And that says nothing of whether or not he or Hefney is a better talent. So your point is?

No respect for Hefney. We don't need Bomber castaways on this team.

You mean like Joe Lobendahn or Brendan LaBatte?

The Riders Brass wanted Anderson here; Coach Chamblin has seen what the vet is capable of is my guess.
Both Anderson/Hefney have talent in their own right. IMO, A CFL team will perhaps sign Hefney.

I wouldn't say LaBatte is a Bomber castoff. He chose to sign here but the Bombers were very interested to keep him around.

To answer whether Hefney or Anderson is better...there is little doubt the answer is Anderson.

If some haven't noticed were kinda sorta OVER THE CAP so to go out and sign another "all star" (in talent not attitude) DB is crazy. We don't need Hefney I'm more than confident that Anderson and co can get the job done.

LaBatte is Saskatchewan strong. Where is Lobendahn now? We dont need any citizens of Swaggerville on this team... just look at Willis who obviously caused bad vibes in the locker room last season to not even be given an offer prior to free agency.

I had no issues with Lobendahn. I thought he did well in his time with the club. Though I am on the fence with Carr, and the Dinwiddie experiment was ridiculous.

but again, there is no need for Hefney, I agree.


Lets see..Labattte,Picard,Goodspeed,Lobendahn,Lemon(didnt you have him for a bit also) man the list goes on and on and on of former bombers on the riders.

You guys are pretty high on yourselves after one exhibition game where most starters didnt play.

Are you this years hamilton? win the off season grey cup but fail when the real lights come on??

Just curious

You got an old team there right now... anything less then a grey cup would be an epic fail.

keep in mind, BC WON IN BC, TOR IN TOR... sask in sask? doubt it highly just cuz it seems by reading some of the comments of rider fans, you guys are setting yourself up for failure by greatly exagerating the talent u have on your team.

You should seriously ponder growing up man. Really, you come on to another club's board to stir things up and talk trash? Is your life that pathetic?

Are some Rider fans going over the top with expectations? Yes, and I have seen some Bomber fans do the same this year, and lets be honest, they are a rather long shot.

BC won in BC, TO in TO...what is your point? Are you saying that nay club that does not win in their own park is a failure? Really? WOW! You just made most of your posts worthless...congrats!

As far as ex Bomber players in Saskatchewan, yeah, it did get old when BT first started and his answer for anything was to look at an ex Bomber...you can not honestly say you wouldn't feel the same.

Labattte,Picard,Goodspeed,Lobendahn...all solid pickups...I was upset to see Lobendahn go, many were. Hefney, good player, but give your head a shake...who do you cut...Anderson or Eddie Russ...for a player that has been a PR nightmare of late?

And who is talking high on themselves after one PS win? Because what I have seen is people pointing out that despite the fact it was only one PS game so and so looked good, so and so not, that certain aspects like the Lines looked improved.

By the way, both clubs will get older on average after the next cuts, the average Rider was born on June 20, 1986, the average Bomber April 13, 1987. I guess where you come from 10 months is a big deal, because it is your maturity level.

The most idiotic part of your statement is that you seem to think that Rider fans should believe Hefney is an upgrade, which is what was being discussed here, and yet you don't think much of him yourself:

Now kind sir, if you wouldn't mind, please walk yourself to the curb with the rest of the trash.

Go easy on him Depop. After reading his posts for a couple years now it is painfully obvious he has some issues that most wouldn't wish on their worst enemy. Be compassionate, ignore him and he usually just goes away.

That was going easy on him.

Well I'm glad my team has expectation and pressure, because if coached right and handled in the proper way it can bring out the best in players. It must suck cheering for a team with no expectations other than to "try and improve on a 6 win season" were aiming for a Grey Cup while your team is still pondering the concept of a stable QB. Your strongest asset in your secondary just released it's biggest playmaker (Aside from Johnson) and got lit up by the Argos backups. talk about us pumping up our team but excuse us for being excited for our team. Sorry that your unable to do the same for yours.

Meh, let Killer say whatever he wants. he's good comedy. :thup:

awesome that im memorable, thats cool cuz i havent posted on here in quite some time.

sad tho that you cant answer the question and instead go on a rant about me and what i am all about.

thats wonderful...

guess on these boards if you ask a simple question you are considered a troll.. guess i cant just be legit wondering about some things tho.

every year hamilton and sask get hyped like they are the best thing ever, every year when the season starts, it doesnt really work out..

just curious why you think this year will be any different

say what you will about me but not answering a simple question i asked says more about some of you then it does about me.