That isn't a base salary but a maximum if all incentives are met. IMO if he were to max out the incentives then he would be worth the money.

he can play, whether he's 6'5 or 5'6 is irrelevant. however, there's definitely no way he deserves more than Jovon yet.

Size definitely matters for a defensive back. It's not the be-all and end-all of player evaluation, but a smaller DB, on average, is going to have more trouble covering 6'2'' receivers in man coverage. Hefney is a good player, though.

Your alstar type DB's in the league are pulling down that kind of coin. I suppose if Mr Hef shows over the last 6 games that he is of the same calibre as those guys, then it's something to consider.

Not taking anything from Hefney but I doubt there is a DB in this league that makes that kind of money.

height is certainly an advantage, but once you've proven you're a good player, it matters a lot less. although you probably won't see Hefney lining up against a 6'5 wideout, he is a heck of a player (or at least was last year, we'll see if he still is), and shouldn't be paid less than his talent level would indicate merely because he's small. yes, he's an undersized import DB, but if he plays like he's worth 190k, he's not going to get less because of his size. that's all I was trying to say.

I'd say Hefney can get 190k IF 1) he plays like one of the best DBs in the league over the final 6 games of this season AND 2) there indeed are other DBs in the league making that kind of money.

maybe let wettenhall sign him for 100k and hide the other 90k