Was released from the Lions PR, could be back in town anytime now. :thup:

Nice to have some good news for a change!

This can only be good news for the Bombers.And the Ticats too.Because we don't have to play you this year unless we meet in the playoffs.If he's signed soon enough he can help you guys slap the Arblows silly :lol:

I hope he doesn't get picked up by another NFL team and is back soon.

...He could help IF he returns.....The d was not performing too badly without him....His return could give this club a huge boost....one they could sure use right about now.. :thup: :roll:

It's funny how he's not AS big an upgrade as he would have been just a few weeks ago, but an upgrade none the less. I'd be thrilled if he came back. That guy is FUN to watch...

.....here's the latest scenario with regard to Hef. returning....He does NOT want to re-up with us for another year....Says he might want to return for the remainder of the year but doesn't want to extend his contract cuz he wants to take another shot at the nfl.....Is this club that unattractive (guess in it's present form) that nobody wants to play here...I think we might have to check to see if we applied our deodorant...cuz it appears we have a problem....Players with this kind of attitude might as well keep going....We are NOT A FRIGGIN DUMPING GROUND...i know the guy is a quality player but if he doesn't really want to be here....trade his rights...I'm fed-up with some of these guys trying to manipulate this club (another ex. Titus Ryan)...You either want to be here orrrrr HIT THE BLOODY ROAD.. Maybe this is just a ploy for more cash...i dunno...either way it doesn't look good.... :thdn:

I don't think it has anything to do with Winnipeg or the CFL. Hef seems to think he has a shot at making the NFL (or sticking on an NFL PR) next season because of how close he came this year. I think he may be deluding himself a little but... Of course he also seems to be assuming that there will be an NFL season next year too.

.....further to my post.....Hefney says he would like to become a cfl free agent if things can't be worked out with the Bombers according to the frre press'''Yeah right....so he can sign on with someone else for a few years and come back to bite us...This is b.s.....How many other players are going to try to pull this crap...Where we stand now his trade value is compromised because he obviously wants to try the states again...We are in need of a db right now(glover going down) and he's reluctant to come back here unless it's under his terms....This is not a good situation...If he wants to thumb his nose at us....let him sit and if he leaves....i hope he gets another shot at the nfl ..If he can't make the Det. roster i would say his chances down there are slim and none...I hope he sees the light and decides to return here .. we can give him a very good contract....otherwise it's adios Hef. ...see ya around...hope your american pr money lasts the year :roll:

so he still has his option year left with the WBB. So let's say he does not come back up this year, whether that's because of bickering over contract as is going on now or let's say he somehow gets another PR spot with an NFL club. Does that option year on his contract expire at the end of this season regardless of what happens or do the bombers still retain an option year if he does not make it back this season? I'm guessing it expires regardless, but if I'm wrong I'd consider not wasting that option year we hold on him for the last bit of this season, tell him good luck finding another spot in the NFL, see you in TC with us next year.

Depends on who does what. I believe if a player refuses to return, he could be suspended. If he is suspended I don't think he can sign with another team until the suspension is lifted even after the season is over.

If the player is willing to return but doesn't want to sign an extension then management either has to accept that or release him.

I could be wrong on that so don't take it as gospel.

.... i believe there is no contractual obligation to the Bombers beyond this season...If we don't re-sign him he could be gone next year in any event...Bringing him back for the remainder of the year makes no sense if you can't get him to re-up long term...We could have a 'gentlemens agreement' saying that IF he doesn't make good on his nfl aspirations next year , that he would return to us (i thought that was going to happen this year)...I don't think sound businesses are built on a guys word anymore,(too bad) and it's doubtful Mack would go down that road anyway... So we are left in the lurch.....damned if we do....damned if we don't.....I think we'll have to wait and see what the official position is from the club................ :roll: :roll:

Just looked it up, Hefney will be a FA if he does not return this season or sign an extention .... can't trade him when ppl know he will be a FA ----- Never thought Hefney would pull this crap, screw him!!

There's a story on the CJOB website that contradicts what the FP and Naylor are saying:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers are continuing negotiations with defensive back Jonathan Hefney as they try to bring him back into a Blue and Gold Uniform. Hefney was released this week from the Detroit Lions practice roster. He was the CFL East rookie of the year with the Bombers in 2009, and [b]he wants a new contract before he returns[/b]. With Lavar Glover sidelined a couple of weeks with an injury, Hefney would fit into the Bombers secondary very nicely right now.

I didn't hear it myself but someone who was listening said that on the Lapo show tonight Bob Irving said that Hef has signed a new contract and that Lapo hinted an announcement would be made tomorrow. WOO HOO!!! :rockin:

I listened to the Lapo show and what Irving said was that Hefney was as good as signed, sealed and delivered. Lapo's reply was that he wouldn't make any comments on player signings until Tuesday. The Sun is reporting that Hef will be at practice on Tuesday.

Fantastic news! Welcome back, Hef!

Hef apparently says he hasn't signed a new contract according to the Sun. He said something about keeping his options open but there seem to have been a lot of reports that he has/will sign a new contract. I guess we'll find out soon.

Hefney aparently wants somewhere in the vicinity of 175-190K/per year to sign an extention, is it worth it? I like Hefney's play but he has had one season, in order to recieve that kind of cash he needs to prove that his rookie year was not just a fluke.

I think Hefney won't be re-signed until the offseason if at all so Mack/Lapo can evaluate his play, Hefney wants to keep his options open anyway's if he does not recieve the kind of cash he wants, i think the BB'S shuld do the same. Play football for the rest of this season, evaluate options on both sides and tak it from there.

Again i like Hefney but i don't think he is worth that kind of cash at this point!! I think both sides are going to play hard ball on this one and i hope he does re-sign but that kind of cash can really mess up our SMS in 2011 and maybe beyond!!

190k for an undersized import DB. I don't think any GM is going to give him that. What is Jovon making ?