I wouldn't put much into what was said in that post. Hefney wasn't at the mini-camp so comments about that aren't applicable to him. Hefney was not the only player on the Lions roster that had his number worn by another player at the mini-camp. If he is cut I don't think it will be until the Lions main TC.

agree bb..i personally feel he will be cut, but as you said not until main camp, if he was a few years older than maybe they release him at this time, but hes still so young, most times cflers that head up to the nfl are cut early because they are being replaced by younger project players and draft pics, hefney is right around the age of the majority of draft pics ...so i dont think they will release him yet, cause from there stand point who knows. he could still be a great player and is still at a developmental age with his best years coming.

well.. not sure what it means but.. looks like the lions added more depth probably pushing hef further down the depth chart

[url=http://www.freep.com/article/20100513/BLOG21/100513048/Schwartz-Brown-has-clean-slate-with-Lions]http://www.freep.com/article/20100513/B ... with-Lions[/url]

doesnt mean much tho.

Sounds like the little man is opening some eyeballs at camp…

Can Hefney actually start for the Lions? Can he make the 53-man roster, for that matter? Well, it's a long way until the season opener Sept. 12 at Chicago. But he said he is trying to make a statement every practice and "never let up," and the coaches like his quickness and range.

“A lot of times, in our secondary, we’re looking for, like, four corners across the back end, guys that have corner-type ability,” coach Jim Schwartz said. “He has that. He’s not the biggest guy in the world, but he’s done a really good job of picking up what we do and covering ground.”

didnt expect anything less of him... he is a gamer, he wants to earn that spot and will play his heart out to get it... he plays bigger than his size and we all know his skills in coverage... would be great to see an ex bomber earn a spot in an nfl starting rotation.. still will miss him if he sticks tho

his size may be what gets him cut tho. i dunno, it matters alot in the nfl.. i dunno. hope for hefs sake he sticks but it wouldnt completely surprise me to see him get released later in the year because of his size.

but, dudes a gamer for sure and is still super young so i dunno.