soo... we are big time lacking defensive backs at the moment. with all of macks connections to nfl teams.. do u think he knows something we dont know and that hef could be back with us for the start of camp?

i like how the team is looking but im really concerned with our lack of depth at defensive back.

unless, we are waiting until nfl teams pass on some undrafted players or cuts from mini camps.. like whats going on here

do we plan on running some weird defense where we only require like 2 db's or something?


....come back Hefney..... the Bombers need ya////// ....Got a feeling the team will be lamenting about his departure a lot this season....guess we have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for his return..tough one to replace :cry:

Dont shoot the messenger but Detroit has signed 2-3 other rookies to battle for a training camp try-out and it looks like Hefney has dropped on the Depth chart BIG TIME, like i said in another post because of Hefneys size compared to the other guys and his rapid drop on the depth chart in Detroit (IS NUMBER 7 OR 8 ON DEPTH CHART), Hefney will be back in Blue and Gold colors again VERY SOON and will be a in Bomber Camp and lined up at DB in July. I think Hefney gets released after this weekend, too bad for him, but great for us.

Toronto has apparent interest in Hefneys rights due to his drop in detroit, but no way will we be trading Hefney to the argos, not even for the number one pick, maybe all T.O`S 1ST RD picks ... LOL .... not going to happen either way!!

I don't think Mac wants to be to deep in depth on the defensive side of the ball. The less players there are the less chance of Mr. Read sending to many of them in at one time. :lol:

Don't have to worry about us trading Hefney to TO because they are already swapping their pick...

Id be pretty upset... I think If we do get Hefney back our team will be pretty decent.... pushing for second in a good battle with Hamilton

dont think they would trade hefney anyways.. he's young, showed he could play last season and if doesnt make the nfl, has probably a bright future in the cfl.

if he does come back, our db's instantly upgrade and dont look nearly as awful as they do right now.

jovon, hefney,stewart/craver, glover. thats not that bad at all. plus u never know, surely we have a few more spots to fill b4 camp so maybe(i mean hopefully as in they better :stuck_out_tongue: ) someone else comes in and lights it up also.

wonder why no interest in jovons cousin lavonne rowan.

only thing is... im not a fan of playing the waitting game for guys to return from failed nfl tryouts.

I don't think we will be waiting as long as initially thought for both Hefney and Titus Ryan, both have stiff competition and both have dropped down the respective teams depth chart, one or both may be back as early as the end of this NFL mini camp, which is today i believe.

...... an update on Hefney...it looks like he is in tough and according to one observer, on the bubble in Detroit.....maybe we won't have to wait too long to get our d back in order :roll:

assuming Mack/LaPo want him back, which is not a given I don't think considering they've moved Gavin Walls and Lenny Walls, among others, a couple of guys most of us fans figured would be starting on the D this year.

…oh i think the door would be wide open for Hefney ,at the Bomber head-office, if he decided to return…no-way you ever cut or trade a talent like that :wink:

They'd be nuts not to have that door wide open.

Solid shutdown defensive HBs are worth their weight in gold in this league. In the NFL, you can make a good argument that the corners are more important. . . but in the CFL, since most teams' best receivers play slot and not WR, your HBs are correspondingly more important than your corners. If I had a choice, I'd far prefer to have 2 great HBs and 2 relatively weak corners than have 2 great corners and 2 relatively weak HBs.

And Hefney's about as good as they come.

.........i like shut-down guys at the cornors as well as solid hbs....both play an important role...With the loss of Lenny Walls we have a glaring weakness and unless we have signed/or sign another Hefney (yeah right :lol: ) or the man himself returns...we will be exploited in that area..The dbs. and defence in general were the bright spot last year...in 2010 :roll: BIG QUESTION MARK..I just hope Mack surprises us with his recruiting skills :roll:

......I hate to see a guy like the Heffer miss out in his nfl attempt.....but gosh/darn it i want that guy back in bluengold this season....selfish eh.... :cowboy:

There is no way LaPo and Mack will not take Hefney back for a few reasons, he plays a position Bombers are thin, he is Bomber property and if he gets cut The Bombers have to honor his contract and another reason is Heffney is a great player and he is still young and considering The Bombers are on this youth movement approach Hefney fits right in.

You have to look at it this way Hefney is still young unlike Gaven Walls, Lenny Walls, Barrin Simpson, Shabazz are all up there in age and had big contracts, why not release an older player with a high contract? and bring in a younger guy who makes less and could be just as good if not better than the old guys. We already have suitable replacements for those player's.

It always seemed to me that Hefney was very much a "team player". There were never any negative stories or rumors about his attitude to my recollection and it seems to me that might be really important to this management team.

No they don't. Why do you think this? They cut all kinds of players in the offseason who were under contract. You even listed them. Hefney's no different.

thats right. they dont have to but id imagine they would and probably love to have him back. he was a rookie last season, kids young, got a solid future if he comes back. big IF tho. personally tho if he does get cut and im not hoping he does because quite frankly its the kids dream to play in the NFL, i hope he comes back and i think he would and i think the bombers would welcome him back. 24 years old or something. he was a team player, busted his butt game in game out, is a good complement for jovon johnson and yeah. if he does come back, cool. if not, its cool too. i dont want to play the waiting game hoping for a guy to get cut.

if he does, he'll be back tho. GUARANTEED.

just gonna add that even if he does get cut, he has 10 days to catch on with another team but honestly i dont think he's gonna get cut as early as some may think or hope even.

Just to clarify, you mean cut by Detroit. And that's right. Players in their option year have a 10 day window to catch on with someone else before their rights revert back to the CFL club that holds the option.

Neither do I, but Bomber fans love him and want him back. Who can blame them? He is good, and will be hard to replace.

I actually really doubt he will make the team...

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