Hefney & Walls vs Simon and Jackson

assuming Paris plays this weekend...should be a good match up...

Big big game on Sunday...

....they're all big Kubie.....some just a little more than others.....we don't know who the leos are starting ....rumour is Printers is practicing at a receiver spot....go figure?????? :roll:

Guess Wally must have something up his sleeve...that's ok. I'm confident JJ or Craver can handle Printers...

BC will not let Fred Reid run wild again. And they will want revenge for that debacle. This one has been circled on Buono's calendar for a while.

I give the Bombers the edge because of home field, and because Pierce hasn't been consistent enough. But he's been coming on lately, though.

Obviously BC will improve their run defence since the last meeting, but that could also be their undoing if they try to over commit. This Bomber offence can actually put up some good passing numbers now, so it will be an interesting match up for sure.

Definately they’ll be keying on Fred Reid…they’d be silly not to. We need another strong passing game to keep them honest.

As far as Buck goes…well, I think our defense is a little bit better at this point than Edmonton’s was last week…Really looking forward to this one…I think these two teams match up pretty well.


Walls can take care of Jackson one on one, especially if he is still limping.

It’s Geroy that concerns me, gonna need some help from Logan on him and the front four will need to keep Buck uncomfortable.

They should be able to. They've been able to bring a lot of pressure recently...Geroy is going to get his share of catches...have to limit the YAC...tackle him...do not hit and bounce off....lol

At TSN it said the Lions were asking the league whether the formation was legal. If Printers is a designated QB and Pierce is on the field too then it would be an illegal formation because you can only have one designated QB on the field at any time.

Ahhh…like what Toronto does/did with McNeal…

McNeal was never a designated QB. A designated QB can only play as a QB, no other position.

they won't led the Bombers run for 400 yards again, no. but we'll see how much better their run defense is, I still don't think it's that good. and now Bishop is playing pretty well, so they have to watch out for the pass this time too.

I can hardly wait!! I hear Bishop is starting at QB, should be a good one :thup: 4 in a row is tough!!! Hey if we can get to 4 in a row, why not 5 ???

Go Bombers

Not 5 because you've got the Al's and they wipe the floor with everybody lol. They've only got 2 losses this year, one they truly were robbed, two Edmonton was on fire, Al's weren't. Look for them to mop the floor with the Cat's this week :roll:

Wally might be thinking in terms of a wildcat formation, Pierce on the bench, Mallet takes a direct snap, Printers is flanked wide and steps back, Mallet laterals the ball to him, and then Printers fires downfield to Simon. . .

Montreal has to be careful...I bet you if Montreal goes in to the Eastern final unbeaten by the East? I say Montreal loses. God Forbid Bombers lose twice to the Als in the upcoming games, however, cant you see it? Als sweep Bombers in the reg season, Als heavily favored in the East final. If thats the case, the Monday headline will be this....Bombers came in to Montreal and blew Als in to the river.

Or maybe Bombers sweep the upcoming series? For now I will settle for a victory over BC

Sweeping Montreal? There's suddenly a lot of big talk on this forum. Hope you and your team aren't looking past BC.

The descriptions of the play haven't said whether Pierce was on or off the field. That piece of information would help the discussion. I guess the question is why would they need to ask the league if the formation was legal if the QB was lining up as a WR and the RB took the direct snap. There was a little confusion in BC about the designated QB before (remember when they were told Lulay couldn't kick in the game where McCallum was hurt although it wasn't caught until after he did it once) so that's why I tend to think it was a play with both Pierce and Printers on the field.

An update... the formation did have two QBs on the field so it was illegal. I'm not sure why the Lions would even need to have a clarification on that. The rule is pretty clear on the matter.

I don't quite understand why the Lions seem to have such difficulty understanding the designated QB rule. There was the game that Boreham was hurt in and they had Lulay kick once. The officials didn't catch it that time but did tell Buono that he couldn't use a designated QB as an emergency kicker because of the same rule.

Walls will likely be matched up with simon, like he was with AB111... he did a great job on the 2nd best reciever in the league, lets hope he can keep it up against the best....