hefney signs with detroit

Just heard on the 5:25 am ob sports report that he signed with detroit lions.

Sad to see him go, but happy for him...Thanks Johnathan...you can come back anytime...!

All the more reason to get Jovon signed now!

You will need 2 new corners in 2010. Johnson will benefit from a bidding war, which the Bombers will lose.

Those are two huge holes, Bomber fans.

Nah...I wouldn't be so quick to assume we'll lose Jovon in a bidding war...

(and Hefney played half-back, not corner...)

A big loss. . . the guy should have won rookie of the year in my opinion. He'll be missed, I really enjoyed watching him play last season.

He was really fun to watch, wasn't he? It was obvious the guy just loved to be playing...

He's damn small to be playing in the NFL. I think you will see him back.

I have to think it is a long shot at best, but good luck to him.

I thought Kyries Hebert was a long shot and I just seen him play last night and he’s been there for 3 yrs now so to say the young Jonathan Hefney is a long shot I don’t know about that one. And he went the the Detroit Lions so depending on if they pick up any solid DB’s through FA’s this year i think he might be down there for longer than we think and you gotta remember before he came here he was a Safety

.....YES....good luck to him.....BUT WHEN....does this team start getting some good news....one bad story after another...This can't be good for tix sales...We're taking on water and starting to list guys and gals...These guys, who just show up in Wpg. for a cup of coffee is just NOT what the doctor ordered...I hope he makes it back...but somehow i see Heffer sitting on an nfl practice roster for awhile....just like a few others....So much for the re-build... :roll: :roll: I say we have to go after Byron Parker when he's free to negotiate or maybe Murphy will come up with another gem who'll be in town for a hortons and a doughnut... :thdn:

I wish him luck but want him back.

As for Jovon Johnson, we meet his price and he'll re-sign. From what he's said on Facebook though, he doesn't seem to be a fan of Taman so that's just another reason to not hire Taman IMO.

In the Globe today, Naylor suspects the Bombers will probably lose Bowman and Titus Ryan to the NFL too.

Bowman and Ryan going to the NFL is tough to believe especially considering what they did they had alot of drops something NFL teams dont want to see, carelessness carrying the ball causing fumbles a big NO NO in the NFL. And out of all the players why are they taking them from the 2nd worst team in the league with the potential number of players we might lose you’d think we had an amazing season… Just shows you how brutal are coaching staff was i guess.

bowman and ryan arnt going anywhere... if they knew what they were talking about they would have had hefney on that list

as for jovon, he'll re-sign. They are already working on a nice contract for him....

That contract better be big. Johnson has said he is going for the best FA offer.


[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/q-a-with-bombers-cb-jovon-johnson]http://www.cfl.ca/article/q-a-with-bomb ... on-johnson[/url]


Q: Are you going to stay with the Bombers or go to the NFL?
A: You know, I don't know what is going to happen. I would explore either option, I am not opposed to either. Right about now the best offer wins that's the nature of the game and business. Free agents that are proven usually get treated like they proved themselves, so if Winnipeg decides they want my services and want me back as much as I hope the fans do then I'm all for that, but never will I decline an offer from the NFL unless its late and they want me for training camp only, then I'll certainly pass on that one.

....with 5 million in the bank.....and already not carrying the salary of Simpson and Hefney for next season....i think the club will come up with a decent offer for Jovons services.....aside from that...I don't think the nfl is lined up at his door as they were for the Heffer... :wink: Just my assessment..

Johnson doesn't sound like he's dying to re-sign with the Bombers, unless they put proper coin on the table.

In other words, it will be the biggest contract offer that wins his services in 2010. And that will be the biggest contract offer from a CFL club. I also can't see Johnson bolting to the NFL.

....well ..any club willing to match or beat the Bombers offer, for his services, better be prepared to come up with some big coin..... :wink:Bombers won't let this guy slip away....