.... Great signing.... if he comes back with the attitude he had in the past, that made this club a winner......We know he has the talent and he is a sparkplug on the defence... :rockin:

I'm a little surprised he didn't test free agency, maybe things are not as rocky in the locker room as speculated. Great to have him back, love his energy and work ethic.

Being back in his reguar cover position in the D backfield will help a lot and he shoul be on top of his game. Coming into the season starting at SAM was something he was very outspoken about his displeasure and started a Domino affect of problems. Poor communication seemed to be the problem as it appeared like he was not told about the change in position. Sears also a great DB took the SAM job gladly as it gave him a full time starting role which he is very capable of doing and the SAM position was his way to get there. Smart by Sears probably getting a nice little bonus and pay bump as a full time starter

Glad to see he's back also. I know blueblood posted in another forum that he didn't think Hefney had a bad year, evidenced by his all star selection. However I would disagree, I don't think Hefney was at his best in 2012 despite his all star selection, particularly the first half of the year. He is a very talented player though and a key member of the D. Gotta admit I'm a bit surprised he signed this quickly with some of the suggestion he would revisit any NFL options, maybe nothing materialized or those rumors were unfounded. The bombers gain either way.

Litte WeeMan stays in the Peg :thup:

Not being at his best doesn't mean he was playing badly.

And for future reference, I'm a she, not a he.

.....A ' little wee man' who can hit you like a train....ask Fred Stamps sometime :wink:

I guess you don't know Who WeeMan is.

...I would assume you're talking about Jonathan Hefney....but if it's someone else fill me in???( and don't tell me it's a toilet trainer or a midget wrestler)

My apologies.

Hefney's a good signing. I hope he rebounds to his dominant self again. Last year was a little disapointing.