Hefney on Detroit Practice Squad -

Well it's official Hefney is on Detroits practice squad:

[url=http://blogs.detroitlions.com/2010/09/06/campbell-toone-five-others-to-practice-squad-lions-release-boiman-and-northcutt/]http://blogs.detroitlions.com/2010/09/0 ... northcutt/[/url]

....he'll probably accept it :frowning: ...although i don;t know why other than the dough (pretty solid motivator)...Shultzie on the tsn panel brought it all back to me...The scenario on the pr is not a pretty one.....firstly you never get to dress....you are more or less just a roboton for the practise guys...repeat ...repeat ...repeat the same coach requested moves....AND doing all of this waiting for a shot at starting that may never come :roll: ...C'mon home Heffney

Its not a pretty scenario but its a much coveted position because of the promise it holds. Its basically an extended training camp where you can work on improving and making the coaches take notice of you, and you're only a hit away from being on the field the next game where you make the big bucks. Unless the Lions reshuffle their PR he won't be here anytime soon.