Hefney Got rooked...

Plain and simple Hefney should have won rookie of the year

The CFL needs to start looking past Offensive numbers.

We all know or people that have played the game before anyways knows that a Defensive player doesn’t get judge solely on his numbers so a DB doesn’t get 10 Ints a year but how many time did a QB throw that guys way and if a QB decides not to throw his way doesn’t that mean more than likely the guys covered how come that never comes across the leagues mind and unless you pull of superb numbers like Cam Wake did with his Sack totals you rarely ever see a defensive player nominated for outstanding player its B.S. if you ask me there’s two sides to the ball in football and clearly the CFL and alot of leagues are missing it.

That's your opinion, and you are a Bomber homer.

Both players are good. Only one can win.

....Too bad he didn't win it.....we know we have one helluva db. anyway....As for Mallett...the offensive players usually get all the hype...he did have a good year...congrats. Looking forward to Hefney having a better year /2010...He'll just get better :wink: :thup:

I honestly thought for sure the Hef was going to win it... thats to bad

the bomber factor does have a little to the factor but i'm more of a defensive homer I'd rather see a defensive player like Wake win a MOP title over a offensive player i've played defence and i got alot more respect for the players that play those positions rather than on Offence and i've played both sides of the ball before... Takes alot more athletism and skill to shed a blocker, make a tackle, cover a receiver not knowing what he's gonna do. Where as a Running back all he's gotta do is make a guy miss which is no easy task but its a helluva lot easier.

I'm not a bomber's homer and I'd choose Hefney any day over Mallett

Mallet should not have even been there... he's good, but Whitlock beat him out in every way possible as a Runningback

Hefney did get robbed. I thought he'd be a lock for rookie of the year.

In some ways it is a popularity contest but players on offense always have an edge over defense for those type of awards. I think they both deserved it. One thing Mallett did was help the Lions turn their season around at least it looks like that.

Of course I thought Hefney should have gotten it but going on past winners of the award it doesn't look like offensive players have an advantage over defensive players. Here are only a few of the past winners and it's a pretty even split between offensive and defensive players:

2008 -- Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan
2007 -- Cam Wake, B.C.
2006 -- Aaron Hunt, B.C.
2005 -- Gavin Walls, Winnipeg
2004 -- Nikolas Lewis, Calgary
2003 -- Frank Cutolo, B.C.
2002 -- Jason Clermont, B.C.
2001 -- Barrin Simpson, B.C.
2000 -- Albert Johnson III, Winnipeg
1999 -- Paul Lacoste, B.C.