Hefney Drops Down On Detroit Lions Roster Depth

I was just speaking to a very good friend of mine who lives in Windsor, ON and is a die hard Detroit Lion Fan, he lives and breathes that team. He has been watching and listening to updates about The Lions and the announcer stated that Hefney was #1 on the depth chart for awhile but has slipped down a few spots lately with the emergence of 2 rookies who apparently stand out better than Heff. I grew up with tis guy and he does not BS about his team, he expects it will only be a matter of time (within this month) that Heff will be cut, unless if they ask him to stick around on the PR. I asked my friend for some sort of proof so he is digging that up and i'll have it up on here a.s.a.p.

Not sure you'll need it... Hefney's not getting near the number of reps he was in minicamps...I'd bet he'll be back in Blue and Gold this year.

You could certainly use him. . . Stewart, Suber, and Kent aren't anywhere as good as Hefney.

...I don't think Hefney would want to come back to this 'gong' show of a D , IT'S BEING RUN BY A CLOWN :thdn:

HAHA WHILE I AGREE kavis reed is a clown, hefney would have to come back, otherwise he wouldnt be allowed to play anywhere and i doubt we even know half the story.

i bllame kavis reed but fact is on the first play,, jovon got beat bad, that was on jovon, he even said so after the game on the post game show, 2nd drive, suber got beat, was it his fault or was it the play calling? im not sure.. but when on 2 pass plays u have 2 guys getting beat by 5 yards.. im not sure if thats on the play or the play calling... defensive play calling. would love to be a bug on the wall in that lockerroom during the week.. do we lack a leader? do we lack talent? i dont think we lack talent, these guys are good i think, the just seem to lack motivation and defensively thats on kavis reed. i know some say why did lapo leave hunt in after he took a couple penalties, well, isnt that the defensive coordinators job at that point? i think for 1 week, instead of lapo, irving needs to get kavis reed on the coaches show.. because our offense is fine, ITS OUR D THAT SUCKS CRAP THO. and unfortunately lapo is gonna take the heat for that when in reality it should be his boy, his friend, kavis, taking the blame.

Reality is this is a team sport and everyone has responsibilities starting from the top, president/ceo, gm, head coach, assistant coach/defensive coach (Kavis Reed), the offensive coach, the other coaches, the player's. Now it is easy to blame the player's and much easier to blame the coaches but the fact is this team is lacking more than one thing, this team is lacking a ton of things:

  1. As good as some player's were during some games, there are some player's that should not even be on the field and quite possibly on this team period, i won't go into detail too much. I thought Donald Brown Jr. was crap and he was (he is gone), Charlton was maybe slowing a bit but his leadership may be missed. We are missing a proven leader in Barrin Simpson, don't get me wrong Lobendahn has been pretty good but he does not have as much experience/leadership as Barrin. Jovon got beat, he admitted it and took responsibility, that's what a team player does, he didn't blame anyone but himself.
  2. Glover is a veteren and in my opinion has not played good football at all this season, Suber looked good in one-two games and than turned to crap, is it his play or the play calling? who knows. Beasley was thrown in pretty quick and we cannot judge his play yet because he is still a raw rookie.
  3. Did the Bomber Brass make the right decisions regarding the signing and releasing of player's? This could be a factor, Lenny Walls, Barrin Simpson and so on. The new player's may still turn it around, time will tell.

There are alot of reasons why this team is not playing good football right from top to bottom, everyone on the team including Mack, LaPo, Reed, The other coaches and the player's. Kavis Reed has done a crap job play calling all season BUT one thing you cannot blame Reed for is: THE MISSED TACKLES AND THERE HAVE BEEN ALOT!!

The defence has not been great, but have shown flashes and there are signs that are there that this defense can play good ball. Last game the first half the defense was crap, the second half they did pretty damn good, we out scored the Cats 14-7 in the second half NOW the coaches have to look back and think what they said or did at half time to smarten up and use that analagy and mindset for 60 minutes not 15 or 30 minutes.

It is not only the defense, the offense has slowed down big time with the exception of a few player's, Edwards, Harris, Jyles are a couple of examples. Reid needs more touches (that's on the offensive coach and LaPo), but again you cannot blame the coaches for easy catches that turned out to be dropped passes and again there has been alot, cannot blame the coaches for stupid plays (Ralph last game catching the ball on the first down line and running backwards 3 yards) which resulted in a punt rather than a first down.

I can go on and on but the fact is this team (and i hate to say this) is in REBUILD mode still and there is alot of work to do on every aspect of this team. Player changes are needed still and i think maybe a couple of coaching changes (Reed/Baressi) to light a fire under this team, LaPo cannot pull a Kelly and keep these guys on because they are close friends, if they are not doing th job properly they have to go!!!

I see Hefney had 3 tackles in this wks preseason action vs Denver. Anyone see the game? How much did he play, and how well did he play?

According to a mod at EP (Blue fan), Hefney's tackles were all during the last 10 minutes of the game and came on completions that were 31, 23 and 12 yards all on the same drive that resulted in a FG.