Hefney ....could be a late cut

...Although i wish the guy all the luck in the world in sticking with the nfl Lions, heavy speculation is that he will be amongst the final cuts today...IF that trasnpires......S.O.S. to Hefney...we will welcome you back with open arms Hef....HELP needed... :rockin:

If he is released then we'll have to wait to see if he gets a PR spot or whether another team will pick him up. The former would be a more likely scenario that the latter but, as you know, Hef would have 10 days to try to catch on somewhere else before coming to Winnipeg. It would still likely be at least 2 or 3 weeks before he could possibly be in the line-up.

....true Blueblood....the mandatory waiting and adjustment time will take place on his being released....Hebert has also been cut by the Bengals.....still got lot of football in him...What da ya think...It would be wild to have both of these guys back in bluengold... :thup: :rockin:

Rosters had to be made by 6:00 ET today. So if he hasn’t been cut yet then he’s made the team.

Hebert apparently tweeted that he had been released - it wasn't an official announcement. I'm not sure if the official cuts have been announced yet. Looking at the NFL.com transaction page and it appears that the only teams whose final cuts are listed are the Falcons.

....Detroit has told the local media that they'll wait till 8 pm eastern to announce their final moves....guess they like to deliberate and dicker' around a lot :wink:

according to wikipedia.,. hef has been released. still i think he'll be offered a pr spot and take it, if not he'll be back.

as far as hebert goes no unless he can play linebacker and uhh doesnt demand 150,000 dollars a year which he would besides he'll get picked up.

giguere, sam got released also (ticat property) but again will probably be offered a pr spot.

....i believe giguere has run out of pr options as you are only allowed to be allocated there twice...according to their rules i think....someone can correct me on this one as i'm not too savvy on nfl rules.. :roll:

I'm not sure about that. Corey Mace was on the Bills PR for 3 years. I think in 2009 alone he was released twice and then put on the PR.

Giguere had a rough pre-season, i doubt the colts will keep him around for another year. The guy is a beast though, he can bench more than most linemen in the CFL.