Hefney and Khan re-sign

Leaked by the WPG Sun ealier and i just heard on CJOB the following:

The Bombers have re-signed Hefney and Khan, Labatte is returning to The Bombers for 2011 ---- all TBA very soon.

A very reliable source has mentioned the BB'S are interested in the following FA's ---- whether they get them is a different story, of course we won't sign all - Guzman, Crawford, Nicolson, Wayne Smith or Jeff Keeping (if passes physical), Jermaine Reid.

Good news, great job Mack, keep it up :rockin:

It's on the Bombers and CFL website now so it's official.

The FP is saying he'll be paid $120,000 which included $25,000 upfront. The Sun says it was $30,000 upfront. No word on how long the contract is for though.

When I read this title I was going to come on here and ask if you guys new the $$$ of the contract. I was thinking it was going to be around $150,000. To get it done for $120,000 should be considered a win for the Bombers, IMO.

That’s great news, they also picked up Mayne for another go around.

hefney did, mayne signed but still no word on khan... hef and mayne are for sure.. khan has not been announced and it wouldnt surprise me if it wasnt announced anytime soon as i beleive khan might have to swallow some pride and take a lower pay scale than he had hoped for as no team has really any interest in him. most teams are set at center.. there is no market for obby.. if he signed a couple weeks back, he probably would have gotten more than he would get if he signs tomorrow.

i can only see interest in guzman (mlb and tim burke connection) and jermaine reed (canadian defensive tackle)

i dont see us going after keeping i dont see nicholson as we have hargreaves already... and i dont see the other guy you mentioned crawford because he isnt really an upgrade over logan,browne,jules or chris smith.

ppl need to stop pretending the bombers are gonna go after a bunch of free agents from other teams.. THEY WONT. they just wont, they are gonna resign their own guys (which they have done outside of OBBY KHAN (who has not NOT resigned). and will build through the draft aswell as have a few guys from the usa brought into camp.. always 1 or 2 rookies who make an impact in camp... hopefully this year... we find us a mlb, (possibly rico mccoy even or merril johnson) and really.. thats all we need right now.

we have the first overall pick (no doubt we will be taking an olineman to play opposite labatte).

so i dont see us going after any ni olineman right now.

really 2 spots are up for grabs on the oline, center and the guard position not occupied by labatte.. looking at blue bombers.com

we have about 6 -8 guys right now not including scott mitchel ( i think we take him number 1) competing really for 2 spots.

canadian depth is what we are lacking... these guys u mention outside of jermaine reed... they just dont make sense, they dont fit what into what we have and are building towards.

Scratch Jermaine Reid off that list, he signed with Edmonton along with OL Ramsey, Esks get 2 more Canucks, come on Mack sign a signifigant NI (no offense to Mayne)

so anyone find out how long hefney's deal is for? None of the articles announcing his resigning have indicated the length of the deal. Am I remembering incorrectly that after the last CBA you can't do a 1 yr plus option anymore, that the shortest is a 2 yr plus option as they tried to decrease the impact of players jumping to the NFL?

No official word but the figure thrown out there the most is a 2+1 worth $130K/year and $25,000 up front

It appears Mack was right in his wait and see approach, there is really nothing out there that we can use with the exception of Guzman .... other than that nothing else that i can see ....... Most teams (especially Edmonton) are way over the cap and will be forced to cut player's before bonuses are due, i see us making most of our signings when this happens, i don't expect to hear much until April/May .....

…apparently the Bombers have entered the Rey Williams sweepstakes…I know he’s a solid mlb however with 5 teams in the hunt for his services…someone is going to have to cough up big-time to land him…maybe us…maybe no…:roll:

until khan officially signs.. he hasnt... so i'll just leave that one be. reliable sources also said bauman would be coming to wpg.. i will say this tho...

bombers are 1 of apparently 5 teams in talks with free agent mlb rey williams

esks are tooo but they gotta be WAYYYY over the cap now so doubt they get em. GOTTA BE WAYYYY OVER, WAYYY WAYYY OVER.

bombers have the space... im thinking we got a chance at this guy.

the familliarty with coach lapo could help us here..

i heard that papa and im wondering... who are the 5 teams..

calgary is set, sask is set, montreal is set, calgary dont got the cap space, edmonton doesnt.. hamilton seems set and are rumored to be going after coburne... so doubt they would have much cap space also..

toronto? they got pottinger a ratio breaker...

realistially i think we got a good chance at landing him. i mean, basically we are the only team looking for a starting mlb and he would fit that bill.

if we can land this guy and with resigning hef and our free agents they wanted to sign... those are some strong moves that should get people excited.

And he'd certainly be an upgrade at MLB, which the Bombers do need. I really liked Lobendahn in his first year, not so much last season.

.....from what i hear ....Ham....Sask....Edm. and us are after Williams (who the 5th. courter is...don't know)....I hope we make a strong offer....just not crazy.....You can bet the other interested teams are driving his price waaaaaay up :wink: We'll see

just to get back to khan, who is this reliable source cuz id consider ed tait to be a pretty solid source and judging by todays free press, khan is iffy at best to resign.

There aren't a lot of centre spots open around the league, though I realize he can play other positions along the line. Khan is obviously not getting what he wants from the bombers and is maybe sitting hoping that he gets an offer from the Riders to replace O'Day, given his familiarity with Berry and Marshall, plus they already have former bombers Goodspeed and now Gauthier so he can pal around with them.

well, if the riders want to give khan the 120 k he is looking for.. adios.

imo, he is not worth that money regardless of lack of centers around the league.

he has regressed the last 2 years. i just honestly believe a rookie like morencie or anyone else could do just as good of a job that khan has done the last 2 years.. this would be different if it was obby khan pre colitis but its not and he hasnt (and rightfully so, thats a brutal disease) been the same since.

Looks like BC is kicking the tires on Khan, though not as a full time starter

[url]News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver's News. Vancouver's Talk

Centre/guard Obby Khan has expressed some intrest in leaving Winnipeg and coming back to the coast, where he played his university ball with Simon Fraser. However, Buono has had a difficult time talking with Khan as he is out of the country. If Khan is willing to play as a backup, or be in a rotation with the current guards and centres, he remains a possibility.

I can't see Obby agreeing to be a back-up in BC.

i really dont care if khan resigns or not, pretty sure the brass feels that way too. if u want to sign.. great, if not..let us know so we can move on.. pretty much what ross hodgkinson said in the freepress today too.