...Hefney and Jovon says they're ready...

....Great news for the BigBlue.....not so much for the Cats.....Bowman is also rumoured to be ready and to suit up Sun......Being the biggest game of the year i would say a lot of 'little nagging' injuries are going to disappear...Joe Lobo is also going to get the all clear to play....hmmmmmm now here is a quandry for the BigBlue....Do you put in Simpson ...who is very nasty up the middle...or go with Joe who covers the outside better and is a little quicker...Tough decision.... :roll:

Yes, but those are the kinds of tough decisions you LIKE to have !

Glad to hear Hefney will play. . . regardless of outcome, I really enjoy watching that guy play football. Should easily be the eastern nominee for rookie of the year.

Bring 'em on! We've dealt with tougher...

....you bring em on.......i believe the game is in OUR neck of the woods.....We'll have a nice welcoming party for ya....heh heh.. :lol:

That's okay have your fun :smiley:
I had my words with Mike Kelly the last time he came to Hamilton and he just looked up and laughed.

don’t know about laughing but we’ll definitely be making a lot of noise…(especially when Glenn is calling his signals…heh heh)…The place will be deafening…with decent weather and a good walk-up crowd it should be sold-out… :wink:

Glad to hear the Bombers will be playing two starting corners who are hurt.

Oh, and so is Kevin Glenn.

Coach Kelly says both Lobo and Simpson will be in the line-up so they will likely rotate.

i like the friendly trash talk for once! lol cats fans and bomber fans stick by there teams like no other whether were right wrong or whatever!

i wouldnt worry about johnson and hefneys injuries, if glenn has time hes gonna find guys he always has... but if hes picking himself up off the turf a lot it may be a long day for the cats offense... see you sunday boys :wink:

if this game even half lives up to the billing it will surely be a classic.

i expect nothing less than a do or die effort from the bombers... itl be interesting to see what theyve got up there sleeves if they need a score towards the end... our season depends on this... no holding back now

.....I didn't know for sure, that Glenn was hurt.....not surprising with his wonky knees....He'll be looking at the truf a lot come Sunday....I don't see any recuperative time for him anytime soon.. :wink:

Yeah congrats to Hef and Jovon on tying the knot on the weekend :thup:

Guess waiting a couple weeks ain't so bad.

Go Bombers!!!

Which would you rather have, the Albatross on wonky knees, or Bishop with a hamstring problem?

Personally I hope that both of them are able to play the complete game without injuries putting them on the sidelines. If that were to come to pass, then we'd be inundated with threads about how 'my team could have and should have won if only Glenn/Bishop didn't get hurt'.

If Porter or Bramlet have to come in the game early, that does not bode well for either team in my opinion. Of the two, i'd feel more comfortable I suppose with Porter than with Bramlet.

... i like Santos better than either of them....and i've only seen him play a couple of downs....what does that say... :roll: :lol:

It says to me that you're a pretty sharp judge of talent there, papa !

Yes, Santos will be a superstar of the highest order. His two pro QB sneaks make him look like Dieter Brock (except for the throwing part).

The regulars who watch practices have been very high on Santos. They really like what he's doing in practice and the improvement he's shown since arriving.

Yeah I wasn't too happy when Popp traded him but I figure after almost two seasons if they've decided to trade him Leak and Mac must be showing some awesome stuff.

Santos is acurate and tough, very driven guy. If the Ticats release Ball Winnipeg might want to grab him. Those two have a great connection.