HEFFNEY is the best DB in the CFL-

I was at the game vs BC live and watching from the 2nd deck and was able to watch the receivers run patterns. HEFFNEY is an absolute ball hawk. Bombers were using him as a safety last night on occasions where he would just drop back deep and cover half the field--

Heffney makes the INT's, is always close to the receivers and is just intense.

If i was the Bombers I would lock this guy up with Javon johnson as the secondary is very good--

Also Shabbaz is a great safety they should use him there more also--

Bombers pass Defense is going to be a beast once they put James JOhnson at the other corner spot--

Congrats Bombers whoever recruited Heffney did a great JOb as he is the best in the CFL.

.....QUIET........we don't want that league to the south sniffin around here....This kid IS dynamite...and i hope we can lock him up for a couple of years.....I think of players that excelled here in the past....Albert Johnson 111 for one....who was a super kid for us in his first year he played, then went to the nfl ...finally returning to finish his football career, a shadow of his former self....... Gotta keep Heffer for as long as we possibly can :wink: :thup:

He's doing really well for a rookie, but a little undersized for the Show, fortunately.

I’m not ready to anoint him the best DB in the CFL. . . yet

He’s good. . . really good. . . should get consideration for rookie of the year.

It’s a good year for new DHBs. . . Shell and Shivers in Toronto; Parker and Brown in Montreal. . . Heffney. . .

Heffney's been awesome...no doubt, but I'm not sure he's even the best DB on the team...right now anyway...I'd give my vote to Jovon Johnson...

I wouldn't say best DB in the CFL, but he's been very good that's for sure.. the talent and potential is definitely there for him to be right up there.

yea hes too inexperienced to be the best but i agree he definately has the potential.. showes everything you want from a young db.. good cover skills, anticipates plays well. agrressive but not stupid about it.. and hey one thing a lot of dbs struggle with when the balls near him, he catches it! lol hopefully he sticks around for awhile.

add james johnson when hes healthy, or brandon stewart (great camp, young kid, lots of talent) and i think this secondary will be as good as weve had in quite some time.. with shabazz or logan at safety, both look capable

The Bombers have a good secondary, and Heffney brings a lot of energy. He is a good player.

Jonathan Hefney, wicked kid from Tennessee State, he is definitely a keeper, its about time the Bombers start using their talent, as for the season I dont know if they will make, but with players like this, maybe they have a chance..


i think thats the first ever positive post about the blue and gold from this guy

but as for hefney, not only does he have to picks already, but he also leads the team with five pass knockdowns

secondary is definately very strong this year along with the front 7... good defence

good run game to, now if we could just get that passing game going :roll:

Heffney played at TENNESSEE not Tennesse state-- Playing in the SEC against receivers from FLORIDA and LSU gives you lots of good experience.

It is clear that HEFFNEY has covered very good colllege receivers, and is not fooled by the CFL receivers.

That blockdown on Copeland was a great one, he just has that attitude and can judge the ball when its deep in the air.

Heffney locates the ball when its in the air. I love how Bombers were using him as a DEEP safety, he would run back on the snap and basically play safety on half the field to take away the jarious deep passes--

THe whole SEC conference has good athletes in it-- Other players from the SEC doing well are Milton COLLINS safety of CGY and FRED REID from Missippi state.

There he is, a man among kids ripping that INT late in teh game to seal the deal–

NIce play, good catch, sure hands, and solid coverage all game long.

He had a great game tonight and has had a really good season. Definitely the rookie of the year for the Bombers IMO.

He's outstanding...and he looks like he's having the time of his life out there...good for him. Rookie of the Year candidate for the league for sure...

Great game for him, was a pleasure to watch last night I will say.