heehee... Hervey to be named Esks GM..

as per Dave Naylor on Twitter.

well Rider fans.. this is going to be fun, Esks are going to finish 4th a few more times here.

not the best decision for the Esks by FAR!.. this guy has Zero GM experience.

bad move. :rockin:

we will see....

Actually I think it is a good move. Hervey is an intelligent man who is well liked in the football circles. He has been part of the Esks organization for awhile now and I think he will do a good job. Hopefully not that good of a job, but good enough.

One thing of note is that if cflisthebest gives it his stamp of disapproval then it was probably the right move.

Seems like a smart move to me... promoting from within... the guy has been their head scout for 4 years now (according to the team website). Sounds like he is well respected in football circles. It's not like he has no experience beyond playing! Only time will tell how this pans out.

What a stupid point to make. He can't possibly be any good because he doesn't have any experience? Name me a GM that became a GM for the first time that had experience. Go on, I'll wait. I'd love to know which general manager became a GM for the first time with loads of GM experience.


They had a good one on tillman. Rumours have it the esks are in a mess ,and tillman job was to fix that. Get rid of the older expensive QB and rebuild from the ground up. They have a good young QB that needs a couple years of playing time.

If Tillman was such a good GM they would have kept him.

Hervey was apparently a front-runner for the Winnipeg GM job and was strongly considered being hired over Tillman back in 2010. He's been scouting with the Esks for 4 years now and has experience with signing contracts too (He was the one who was able to convince Shamawd Chambers to sign with us after being drafted when Tillman couldn't). As a scout he uncovered guys like Sherritt, Nichols, and Greg Peach for the Esks.

well said

he has earned a shot. It was a situation of use or lose.

It's refreshing to see a CFL team not to re-hire or re-hash a previous CFL GM. Sure there may be some growing pains, but Hervey will grow with the club and as an Esks fan it's weird finally feeling confident and satisfied with the GM choice.

Good hire and nice too see some fresh blood. This guy has paid his dues in the cfl, working his way through the Eskimos organization. cflisthebest is not credible since the dud has no objectivity when it comes to the Eskimos.

Reading his synopsis convinces me the Eskimo's made a great move.

I think it was a good hire too. He's certainly qualified and is respected around the league from what I understand.

From twitter:

David William Naylor?@TSNDaveNaylor

Be interesting to see which direction new GM Ed Hervey takes Esks. Well known he and former GM Eric Tillman didn't see eye-to-eye. #cfl#esks

And for those who don't think it was a good move, it could have been worse. :wink:
David William Naylor?@TSNDaveNaylor

Among those the Esks interviewed for GM job was former Winnipeg Coach-GM Mike Kelly. #cfl #esks