Hebscher and Bubba (CHCH) talk of NFL team in Toronto

this evening, Mark Hebscher & Clint "Bubba" O'Neil (CHCH sports anchors) were pontificating about Bills owner Ralph Wilson being in the hospital the past few days for an unknown ailment, and mentioned that the team will be sold to the highest bidder when he passes on.

Both anchors spoke of how the Rogers Corp. could very well be the highest tender, that the Bills in Toronto series proved successful, and that the market for the NFL was there. (something to that effect)

does CHCH not have a substance abuse policy for it's on-air personalities?

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Did they mention the stadium reno discussions and lease talks that are currently going on? If not, then that's a sure sign the Bills are staying in Buffalo for a while and they know that and are afraid to bring that up. The market is there, of course, but as Roger Goodell says, Toronto-Buffalo is one region implying strongly one team for that region.

No Earl, the Delusional Duo did not discuss reno or lease prospects at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

and judging from actual ticket sales (excluding Rogers comps/deep discounts) the NFL market in Toronto appears lukewarm at beast.
The fact that Rogers recently slashed prices dramatically for the 4th time in so many years, does not bode well for a potential franchise in that locale.

And who would pay for the construction of an NFL standards football stadium?

Or a fact checking policy? Easiest way to see these guys don't know what they're talking about is their suggestion that Rogers Corp. could be the highest tender. NFL doesn't allow corporate ownership. Rogers, as a corporation, would not even be allowed to bid, never mind being the highest bidder.

true enough PiCat.
and Rogers knows fully well that Corporations are forbidden to purchase NFL teams, which may be why they have partnered/associated with Larry Tanenbaum as a possible priority capital investor.

Rogers Phil Lind and MLSE Tanenbaum bear a very close alliance, and have not been shy of their intentions.

I'm sure whichever Government was in power will once again syphon TAX DOLLARS from the WEST to subsidize the :roll: EAST as done year after year, decade after decade.......

At least Stephen Harper recognized this and brought it to light back when he was with the Reform Party. Having said that, it is easy to point things like that out when you are NOT in power and Prime Minister of Canada.

Either way, It is highly doubtful that T.O. will be able to raise the funds via Federal or Provincial accretion, especially after the Skydome/RC debacle.

and the NFL requests football purpose stadiums exclusively as well (65,000 seat minimum I believe) which would be a difficult sell to the governing levels with a likely price tag of 1 billion or so, adjacent with a similar price tag for the franchise itself.