Does anyone have any idea if we plan to start hebert at safety against the argos ?
Having him back outs fear in the receivers and more confidence for the halfbacks
if we started him could we start REID at DT over Bolden to solve th eratio issue ?

Is anyone else concerned about this offence ? I am still not a COBB fan and not sold on MANN.
glenn is above average but poor when it really counts as he never seems to come thru when we need it
i hope too that Mcdaniel is OK

I wasn't disappointed in Barkers play as safety so I'm not sure about Hebert. But it was awesome having Reid in there. And I have to agree with you about Cobb's play...really disappointing. But Mann had a great game...yeah sure he failed to catch one or two but he still had over 100 yards. And his yards after the catch are amazing. I would have liked to see Bauman get more catches. He seemed to be on today, just didn't get many throws.