Hebert Signs With Bengals

A report on the tsn.ca website today states that Winnipeg Blue Bomber safety Kyries Hebert has signed a two year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Here is the link to the report:


So Long to one of the Biggest Jerks in the CFL.
His luck he won't make the team and be back in the Peg.

He is joining the team with the worst history in the NFL of having players get in trouble with the law.....this should help :frowning:

I don't condone what he did, but he also did some very good things to benefit breast cancer. Good luck to him and from a purely selfish standpoint I'm not sad to see him go :wink:

Hebert is a great player!! Wish we could have got him after he left Ottawa. The lack of DB's was one of the biggest problems last year and the year before.

Ya but that would have meant passing on Pat Flemming!

Good Player Yes Good Person No
I Rather have Both and Not Just 1.
Bob Wants Players in the Community
Would Want this Guy around Your Family ???

He'll fit in well with the Bungles.

I hope Les Nessman mispronounces his name.

" Alittle Queer isn't He " Remember that Line.
That what Cause Les to Band From Reds Dressing Room on the Show .

One Reds Thought he was gay Cause Nessman to go Loopy and Try Jump From Flim Building In the Show.

Class they don't write TV like that anymore.

I have all Seasons on DVD
When Need a Laught I Pop one in.

i understand you're just mocking the pick of Flemming, which i'm cool with...

that being said, we could have had him easily enough seeing as how NO ONE drafted him in the dispersal.

he was a FA signing afterwards (because of his large contract IIRC)

btw... he was a way better linebacker than DB or safety. outstanding special teamer.