Hebert seeking arbitration

....the cflpa is seeking a resolution in the Kyries Hebert case....according to the league it will be expedited quickly....He will likely not report to the Bombers training camp on time while things are being resolved....No contact has been made with the Bomber organization.. by the nfls' Bengals... with regards to Hebert....which might say to some there is little or no interest in signing Hebert ....Taman has said Kyries will possibly be suspended for not being available to the team ...but that he had hoped to talk to Heberts agent soon ...to resume negotiations... :roll:

the sooner this is dealt with , the better papa. Its not a good situation at all, but I have a feeling you actually will see Hebert in training camp at some point, and if he does show and ready to play... good news for the Bombers...

I'd expect Hebert to find it difficult to make new friends when he finally has to go to Winnipeg.

...He sure isn't making things easy for himself....but in the end....you got to do.....what you got to do :roll:

....if the rules of the dispersal draft an the subsequent waiver protocol are set and legal then what could he possibly have as grounds for arbitration?.....a letter from the cflpa that said he was a free agent if not picked up in the dispersal draft?....not a lot to stand on.......I dont' see him walking away a winner on this one, only Taman releasing him from his contract would allow him to walk.....

Please refresh my memory,
What is his beef?

I would have thought that if you werent picked in the dispersal draft , that meant you were a free agent-- right after the DD was done. It would have solved a lot of problems , IMO, and baggage or no baggage if the team wanted you bad enough they would have to pick any of the Gades players in the DD so the contracts they signed with Ottawa woud be valid. After the draft was done, and you were not picked , then you should have been free to sign anywhere you wish---- NFL, CFL, AFL or NFL Europe.

........and that is what the letter from the cflpa said to all the Ottawa players.....however, what we are hearing is that is not the case......what happens is that after the DD, any remaining players not picked are automatically placed on waivers......it was when Hebert was on this waiver list with five minutes left to go to the deadline of the waiver that Taman scooped up his rights and contractually bound him to the Bombers......

.....ro, his beef is that he was less than 24 hours from signing a deal with the Bengals when his rights were taken up by the BBs.......he felt he was a free man by the cflpa letter, and apparently that wasn't the case.......

and you would have thought wrong. hebert knew how everything worked. why do you thnk he was waiting to sign a contract with the bengals. he may have gotten his hopes up that he wouldn't have to live up to his contact but he should have thought about that prior to signing in the cfl to a long term deal. i do feel kinda bad for him but it is completely his/ his agents fault for signing the original contract in the first place.

My question is , when exactly did he sign his deal with Ottawa? If it was during the year last year, with no sign of Ottawa folding, then how was it his agent's fault? If it was during the offseason, before the ensuing mess occured , then I would say its the Gliebermans' fault for not telling them that folding the team was a possibility. Surely the Gleibs must have knew that things were not going as planned after the season was done, so they should have said something to the players before they got out of Dodge

any time you sign a contract the team can trade you to another team and that contract is still binding so there was no way he could have "known" he would be in ottawa for the duration of the contract regardless of what was said to him. they could have traded him to winnipeg the day after for all he knew. this issue does bring up an interesting point however. i am not all anti business pro leftist at all but signing contracts in the CFL is a pretty bum deal. unless you manage to include a no trade clause there is no benefit to the player really.. esp signing a long term deal. the team can drop you without paying out the remainder of the contract or trade you away and you just have to smile and pretend that it doesn't totally screw up our life. i know that happens in other occupations as well to a degree but it is quite crappy. however having said that it is still their choice to sign or not.

That’s the nature of the beast in professional sports. You sign a contract with the team and with the league and can get traded, cut or demoted at the pleasure of your employer and if traded you just have to go as all teams are under the umbrella of the league that also has its claw into you.

My question is “If Hebert was to sign with the NFL why did he not do it before the waivers run out”? He must have had an idea he had to wait. The way it all happened makes it sound all was a go. Well maybe not. Just hope it works out.

I think it will..LeBird...Hebert's options are limited...
Tamon should make the NFL happen for him..... next year...
Report to camp Hebert...resistance is futile..you lose....
Go Bombers...

One way or the other it should be resolved.... the last thing the Bombers or the league needs right now is for this to drag itself out for any length of time... we should be focusing what is happening on the field rather than off of it.

Taman what's there to talk about? The guy has problems and does not want to be here! What part of that does he not get!

The part that he's under a CFL contract I guess..
Plus the NFL is not beating down Hebert's door...
Very confusing for Tamon...I guess..
Oh well he'll just have to dig in for a while, untill it all blows over..

If Taman picked him up before time ran out, as is stated to be the case,
he'll be playing here this year.
As long as this arbitration thing goes our way.
I really don't think a guy at his age, and playing great football to boot,
is gonna wanna sit out of the game for any length of time.

It would be a big blow to his career, and certainly degrade his chances of
playing in the NFL someday.
The same goes for Onterrio Smith, and he's a Bomber now............
you don't see him complaining, do ya?

just my 2 cents

Hebert has one other option, but I dont know if he will even think about doing it, but he could retire, and work out his personal problems whatever they are. Wether or not he's contemplating that , I dont know, but he does have that option.

......the only problem with that statement is that it runs contrary to what Kyries actually wants to do....and that is to play football/// I believe it will be in WPG....he should make the best of this situation...don the blue and gold..play your best...and get a shot at the nfl down the road....IF the arbitration fails to give him the results he wants ....there is no other avenue for Hebert...he will be legally bound to the Bombers...ITS totally up to him... :idea:

what is arbitration?? im just a kid lol