Hebert out of Winnipeg already?

Hebert out of Winnipeg already?
April 20, 2006

Sportsnet.ca - The Kyries Hebert saga is taking another interesting twist. His New York based agent, JR Rickert, has informed Sportsnet that he has begun legal procedures to have his talented client, who led the Ottawa Renegades in tackles this past season, ruled a free agent. The versatile defender had been awarded to Winnipeg via CFL waivers this past Wednesday in a surprising move that many had labeled a real coup by Blue Bombers GM, Brendan Taman.

The basis of the legal challenge is two fold: One, a letter from CFLPA President Stu Laird to Ottawa players dated April 10th in which he stated "If a player is not selected in the dispersal draft, the player's contract will be terminated and said player will be a free agent." Two, that Hebert was to receive a $25,000 bonus on April 15, which has not been paid.

Hebert, who athletically had been viewed as a probable top five selection in last week's dispersal draft, was not taken due to two issues: an off-season arrest and a five-year six-figure contract negotiated with former Gades President, Lonie Glieberman. The legal situation, initially a felony assault, has been lessened to a pair of misdeamenors, which all but assures Hebert the ability to enter Canada via a work permit.

At least five CFL teams (BC, Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal and, of course, Winnipeg) were prepared to begin a bidding war for the 25-year old, before the league office awarded him to the Bombers via the waiver process. Further complicating the situation, was interest from National Football League member clubs, who were operating under the premise that Hebert was, in fact, a free agent as had been specified in writing. The Louisiana-Lafayette product, who had previous experience in Minnesota and Houston, prior to coming to Ottawa, has been In Cincinnati for several days where he was expected to sign with the Bengals.

"Our issue is not with the Winnipeg Blue Bomber club, their coaches or their fans," said Rickert. "Brendan Taman has been very cordial and professional in our dialogue. But, our position is that Kyries' contract was clearly breached and that others misrepresented the process to my client. It was never in any form, writen or oral, stipulated that players not drafted would be subjected to a waiver process."

In a league memorandum that Sportsnet first reported about last week, the remaining eight member clubs where informed that they would have to reimburse team principal owner, Bernie Glieberman, for any player bonuses previously paid in the 2006 season. Those players with bonuses due on April 15, where to be paid by the selecting clubs.

Very interesting stuff, as I said before in another post, does Hebert really want to go to Winnipeg? It looks like he does not, he wants to be declared a free agent so he can sign with an NFL club for more money. I dont think its anything against the bombers, but he has a chance at a big contract, so why would he want to play for less money?

...old news in Wpg....he has already said he will report to training camp....and that the challenge to Winnipegs acquisition for his services is being reconsidered.. Stu Laird of the CFLPA...in his latest statement said...he is a Winnipeg Blue Bomber...plain and simple........Hebert realizes the Bombers hold his contract ...the bonus has been paid....and according to Taman... will be a Blue Bomber for the next five seasons....UNLESS there is some strange development in the next little while....I am looking forward to seeing him in Blue and Gold...... :smiley:

wow old enough? they overturned that.....find the news about what the leauge said this is old news the CFLPA already disallowed it....sambo obviously you have no idea what your talking about? He said if its overturned he would report to training camp...

No grounds for Hebert appeal
CFLPA president validates Winnipeg claim


It appears Kyries Hebert's fight to gain his freedom is over before it even began.

The former Ottawa linebacker, claimed off CFL waivers by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Wednesday, was planning to appeal the move, saying he'd been misinformed by the CFL Players Association about his pending free agency.

But CFLPA president Stu Laird says any player claimed in such a way is bound to honour his existing contract.


"If you're picked up off waivers, it's like a one-way trade," Laird told the Sun from Calgary yesterday. "It's an assignment contract."

In other words, the five-year deal Hebert signed with Ottawa early this year is automatically assigned to Winnipeg.

That means the talented 25-year-old can't sign with an NFL team, as he was poised to do the day the Bombers scooped him up.

Laird said he hadn't heard from Hebert or his agent yesterday.

Over at the Bomber camp, team brass says any possible appeal is a mute point, anyway.

"Based on what I've heard, it's a dead-end street," head coach Doug Berry said. "Everything we did is totally above table."

That doesn't mean Berry doesn't sympathize with Hebert's position: that the Bombers wiped out his NFL dream.

In fact, Berry spent part of yesterday mending fences, assuring Hebert the Bombers had no ill intent when they claimed him five minutes before he would have become a free agent.

"I kind of feel for him, in a way," Berry said. "As I told him, 'I want you here next year.' That's what I wanted him to understand. We were not trying to hurt him.

"I felt better about it after talking with him than before talking with him."

Although describing it as a "good conversation," Berry acknowledged Hebert remains disappointed.

When Winnipeg claimed Hebert, he'd been in a Cincinnati hotel room, close to signing with the NFL's Bengals.

But Berry is optimistic one of the CFL's top young defenders will be ready to resume his career up north by the time training camp rolls around.

"He assured me that if he comes to Winnipeg, we will have the same Kyries Hebert," Berry said.

Meanwhile, the Bombers have sent Hebert a cheque for $25,000, covering a bonus payment he was due last weekend, effectively closing another of Hebert's avenues of appeal.

Hebert was initially made available to all teams in the Ottawa dispersal draft, but wasn't claimed because of his hefty contract and the fact he was facing domestic assault charges.

On Tuesday, the Sun reported those charges had been downgraded in a plea agreement, spurring the Blue into hatching a secret plan to claim him at the last minute.

…i think the latest satement from the players association speaks for itself…good one Halu… :wink:

It tells me that you have one disgruntled player, who would prefer to be somewhere else. Also, I was going by the sportsnet report and didnt know about the other report. I would say to bomber fans to see just how much he actually wants to play for your team, cause he might be more of a distraction rather than an asset.

sambo ....I dont think you know what your talking about...If he doesnt want to be here , he wont report to TC. Also read the news...he does want to be here, he just wanted to try out for the NFL, but he doesnt get a shot because we picked him up on waviers or w.e. So for the next 5 years hes in the PEg.

He may report, but how much effort will he actually give?


You better hope he does, but I still say he could be more of a distraction rather than asset to the team.

…same effort as any gifted player in the CFL…we expect to have a very solid effort from a very solid linebacker…and the fans will expect nothing less…funny how time and a few paid bonuses keep people happy…the Bomber fans will make him feel very welcome…something …I am sure he is already looking forward to…Don’t forget simba …he is playing for his old d coach …and a system he really liked…so don’t worry …everything will fall into place for us… :arrow:

another chapter tot he Ottawa saga is probaly over. But it is probaly starting soon.

yes, but players who would rather be somewhere else tend to cause dissension in the dressing room, not saying that he will, but its a real possibility, and sometimes you dont hear about these things until it comes to a head, and something sensational get splashed across the papers and TV. I dont think playing an for an old coach will prevent an unhappy player from causing problems. Again im not saying it will happen, but its still a possibility, and you could have just as much off-field stuff to talk about as much as on field stuff.

Well, you can't say that he's 100% happy with playing in Winnipeg, I'm sure that he really wanted to go try for the NFL (and you can't blame him one bit for that.) But to put this into an analogy it is like getting an invitation to the playboy mansion (NFL) but then on the way there you fall and break your leg and end up in the hospital with the nurses (Winnipeg). Although the nurses are good looking it's no playboy mansion.

Ah but according to a news report on the fan today that it is not over. So stay tuned.

sambo give it up already lol. he and his agent said he would gladly report to camp if his appeal was shut down, and it was. he wanted to be in the NFL......what american football player doesnt? why would any american football player want to be in the CFL. its not like hed rather be on another CFL team, he wants to be in the NFL. plain and simple. hes coming and he already said he'll be the same hebert we saw in ottowa

read the above Red...... its over, hebert is a bomber.

James I read above, and yes for now it seems solved.
but I can assure you this will not go away and could be a distraction in the locker room. You know what happens when a guy does not want to be there. And if he works these issues out great. But his mind is on leaving and I would worry about that.

Saying he will be the same means absolutely nothing, lots of players have said stuff, they turned around and did something completely different. One example i can give is when Henry Burris came back to the Riders, he said he wouldnt leave until Sask became GC champs. The next season he was wearing a Calgary uniform. Hebert may say he will the same as he was in Ottawa-- but that remains to be seen.