Hebert; No leg to stand on, Jones done...

By PAUL FRIESEN (Winnipeg Sun)

So, holdout Kyries Hebert is getting a little nervous, and wants to work something out with the Blue Bombers before his case goes to arbitration.

Hebert, you may recall, is the linebacker the Bombers scooped up from the wreckage of the former Ottawa Renegades.

He's also the guy who wants out of his five-year contract, originally signed with the 'Gades, so he can chase fame and fortune in the NFL.

Yesterday, the 25-year-old told the Sun's Kirk Penton (see page 52) "nobody wins" if his case goes to an arbitrator.

Actually, the only person I can see losing is Hebert. The guy never had a leg to stand on.

The Bombers followed the rules in claiming him off waivers. It certainly wasn't their fault Hebert was under the impression he'd be a free agent when no team claimed him in the Ottawa dispersal draft.

Surely if he didn't know the rules, his agent should have.

To make matters worse, Hebert skips training camp while waiting for his case to be heard. So if the decision doesn't go his way, he won't be ready to play, anyway.

With an attitude like that, this guy expects to make it in the NFL?

If I'm the Bombers, I'm taking my chances with arbitration.

Besides, what can Hebert offer to get out of his contract? The only thing he has that's of value to the team is his ability.

It's obviously much stronger than his judgment.

ENOUGH, ALREADY: It's sad to see an athlete hang on when their skills haven't.

We bring this up while observing yet another attempt by Khari Jones to crack the Edmonton Eskimos lineup.

The former Blue Bomber quarterback, as good as he was from 2000 to '03 here, hasn't looked anything like his old self going on three years now.

Since the Bombers traded him to Calgary in '04, Jones has been bouncing around like some of his passes. The writing is not only on the wall, it's in block letters and painted bright red.

Why Jones continues to prolong the inevitable is a mystery.

At 35, there's only one thing left for No. 17 to do: call it a career and get fitted for the Blue Bomber Hall of Fame.

BIG TALENT, SMALL RETURN: Another former Bomber, receiver Darnell McDonald, didn't last long in Calgary's camp.

Signed by the Stamps on the condition he follow all team rules -- something he wasn't known for in his first stint with the club -- McDonald was cut Monday after being late for a meeting.

Calgary's leading receiver three years ago, McDonald didn't do much in five games for the Bombers last season.

He's living proof that size (6-foot-3, 200 pounds) and ability don't always lead to results.

TWO PEAS IN A POD: I see the Toronto Argos are having a hard time deciding between kick returners Bashir Levingston and Keith Stokes.

Toronto's knock on Levingston -- and Bomber fans will get a kick out of this -- is he runs east-west too much, instead of north-south.

Stokes, of course, could use a compass himself, meandering like the Red River on most plays.

If the Argos keep both, they may set a new record for kick return yards that don't actually count.

THE DON IS ON: We'll find out tonight if the Montreal Alouettes are ready for the regular season, as they host the Bombers in the final pretend game for both clubs.

One thing is certain: head coach Don Matthews is already in mid-season form, as evidenced by his rant against Toronto's signing of Ricky Williams.

AND FINALLY: Can't say I agree with Lions quarterback Dave Dickenson when he says the CFL would attract more corporate bucks if it had a drug policy.

One look at the furor Williams has created in Toronto tells me that football fans, and probably corporate sponsors, are more interested in star power than anything.

....advice to Hebert.....get to WPG. REAL QUICK....and try to salvage a career that is rapidly going down the drain...and then get rid of your dumb-a$$ agent.. :?

i was just reading this.

the bombers should dumb hebert and sign montford.

what about that guy we signed from the Bengals that was being a cry baby about it?

The part on Toronto returners was pretty funny...

Stokes like running the wrong way