Hebert n'est pas content

Kyries Hebert n'est pas content du rendement de Knapton et de Venable à la défensive. Le jeu de ces derniers force Thorpe à les utiliser plus souvent, entre autres au détriment du temps de jeu de Hebert. Cette situation le fait ouvertement grincer des dents, mais il dit qu'il va toujours tout donner lorsqu'on fera appel à lui.

Considérant le jeu de Knapton et Venable, Thorpe serait un peu fou de s'en passer et de ne pas chercher à garder ses forces fraîches. De la façon dont l'attaque se comporte, si puissant soit-il, Hebert ne pourrait être aussi efficace à lui seul que s'il est relevé de temps à autre durant la partie.

C'est le jeu de Knapton et Venable qui a forcé Thorpe à les ramener sur le terrain. Hebert n'a qu'à jouer de telle façon qu'il forcera Thorpe à les placer ailleurs, sans frapper la tête des joueurs adverses... Mais ainsi grogner sur la façon dont il est utilisé n'est pas utile à l'équipe ni à sa cohésion.

Hebert is a penalty machine in his mid-30s who isn't particularly good in coverage. He'd better watch it or he'll find himself unemployed next season. In this matter, Thorpe is doing what he has to do -- bringing in good young players who can do the job and keep the D from aging as a group at the same rate.

Why isnt Thorpe using Edem then? He likes Brouillette but why cant he find a way to put both on the field?

Edem is going to be looking for starters money after the season and Popp wont be able to justify it. And Edem will end up being a star safety on another team.

And yes it still bothers me that Thorpe couldn`t find a role for Emry suitable to him.

Good coaches create systems based on their playmakers, rather than just plugging players into the system they want.

Effectivement. C'est d'autant plus vrai qu'Edem semble apporter une autre dimension comme maraudeur. Un peu plus de vitesse que Brouillette et de meilleures mains.

Brouillette tient plus du secondeur que du maraudeur, en fin de compte. J'aime beaucoup Brouillette, mais je crois que chacun devrait être utilisé là où il est à son meilleur.

I don't like that move either, but I also want to give credit to Thorpe where it's due (in the case of playing Venable and Knapton over Hebert).

I still think we'd be better off starting Brouillette at Will linebacker and Edem at safety. Brouillette has a linebacker's instincts. He's not a cover guy. He did very well in relief of Hebert last year. I don't get why he's playing at a position (safety) that he's not suited for.

And yes it still bothers me that Thorpe couldn`t find a role for Emry suitable to him.
Emry has done nothing in Toronto and their D is a complete sieve.
Good coaches create systems based on their playmakers, rather than just plugging players into the system they want.
Emry's had multiple concussions and his best playing days IMO are behind him. I don't think he was a playmaker for us last year. Bear Woods has done a very solid job at MLB the past few games.

Edem could become a starting outiside linebacker. You want to kee an animal like that closer to the line of scrimmage.

Edem will probably make a good SAM backer, but not with us as long as Cox is here. Once Cox retires he could step in there, but my guess is that Edem will be long gone by the time Cox hangs them up.

Peut-être que c'est là quelque chose que l'équipe sait déjà, et ça expliquerait pourquoi elle n'investit pas trop sur lui.

He will sign with one of the Alberta teams within 10 minutes of free agency opening.

Edem's a baller, but the odds of him turning into a starting SAM linebacker are slim to none. That is not a position at which nationals have succeeded in the past. It is a very difficult position with no comparable non-CFL analog that requires a perfect mixture of speed, tackling, LOS intelligence, coverage skill, and versatility. You basically have to be ready to do anything, anything at all, on a given snap.

What bothers me about the whole Edem situation is that our obsession with Swiss Army Knife type players is undermining our ability to field the best team on defence. I don't care if Brouillette can play every position on D from rush end to dime backer; he is NOT the best free safety on this team. Edem is. We are choosing to start a sub-optimal safety simply because he has more versatility in the defensive backfield, and it is costing us in terms of our ability to defend the intermediate and deep ball.

Going off on a slight tangent here. . .but why is the position in the CFL always being called "Free safety"?

In the NFL it makes sense. They have in their secondary two corners and two safeties. One safety, who is on the tight end side of the field, is the "strong" safety, and the other one is the "free" safety.

But in the CFL we have five players, not four, in the secondary. Two corners (field and boundary), two halfbacks (field and boundary), and ONE safety.

So why isn't he just called safety? Why call him a "free" safety when there isn't any "strong" safety ?

Just curious.

In the CFL they don't use "Free". They just call it Safety but fans from both games kind of use it to describe the position.

All the talking heads on TSN (who should know better I should have thought) invariably call it "free safety". I just don't understand why. . .

P.S. when I indicated that the talking heads on TSN should know better, I am not referring to Rod Black. I don't expect him to know better. The rest of them, yes.

I think it has to do because TSN is re-fed to ESPN and NBC Sports. Makes it easier for the US audience to absorb.

Ah but that begs the question doesn’t it?

Why do they call him a “free” safety instead of calling him a “strong” safety? Why pick “free” instead of “strong” ?

I’ve really got to restrain myself from derailing threads. . .

So back to Hebert.

I think he should be on thin ice, given his performances this season. Were it to be my call, then yes I concur with d&p and would sit him down, start Brouillette at WILL and have Edem as our starting safety. And if Edem got hurt, then Brouillette goes back to safety and Hebert or Venable replaces Brouillette at WILL. . . I’m not happy with Brouillette at safety, but he’s better than Hebert there and we have to keep the ratio in mind.

Leurs auditeurs doivent se demander où est le "strong safety". :lol: