Hebert Interview...Peg...radio

...after listening to this guy on the Doug Brown Spinzone on CJOB.....I have to relent and say....let Hebert go.....The guy obviously has some greater personal issues to deal with....and to not let him resolve these matters would not be in anybodys best interest....Its tough to let a guy of his caliber leave...But...He mentioned he has friends on the Bombers....Brad Franklin....Santino Hall......Anthony Marlbourough....(who happened to be at his house watching t.v. today)... he sounded like he would love to report to Wpgs. training camp.......add to that the Bomber coaches he is very familiar with....and there would be no other place better for him ...than the Peg in Canada......BUT...He then went on to say he felt sorry that he could not find a way ...because of family matters....to play in Canada PERIOD.....So I say ....let him pursue the nfl....if it dosen't work out I would hope the Bombers would have first shot at him...if he returned...Ce' le Vie'... :!:GOOD LUCK KYRIES..

what time was it on i was looking at the cjob vault and i couldnt find it if sumone can make a link to it i would be greatful

Ha ha ha Again what did I say three or four times before he was on the radio. By hanging onto him does nothing for the team or this guy. Let him get the NFL out of his system and then let him come to the team in the right frame of mind. I have said this all along.

let hebert go.

i e-mailed kyries to welcome him to the bombers thru his web-site and told him how much i was looking forward to watching him play for the bb. at least he took the time to address all the people who e-mailed him as i received a 'form' e-mail from him explaining the situation. good on him for that at least. i would luv to see him as bb, but only time will tell. i'll keep my fingers crossed that he's a bb when the reg season starts!!!

Its not good for the bombers, the CFL as a whole, nor the player to force Kyries to go to TC, he will be a distraction all season long. Let him pursue his NFL dream, and if he doesnt make it , then he can go to the Peg. The Bombers should concentrate on the players who want to be there, not on one player who doesnt want to be there.

Please Sambo, stop the doom...
What if, Tamon says ...come play this year...
Next year we will, sign another contract...
And to Hebert...you are nothing, compared to our greats..
TY jones n West..Don't forget Battle..would make you look sick..
I did not mention Payton or KD...come on...be a Bomber or go home..

No doom in my post all I said is for the bombers to work with the players who want to be there. Instead of talking about this one player why not talk about the players they have coming to camp. Surely there must some players who might be able to help your team, so why not focus on them?

...IF ...fellow Bombers ...friends of Heberts'...like Brad Franklin....know his situation....i think we can assume that it would definitely be in THEIR best interests to have Hebert on the team....because he also said in the interview...heh if I were to play for you guys..'.you are gonna be real good' (no conceit there)...There has to be extenuating circumstances here that all of his friends are aware of......and they must feel he is better off in the states at this time..... FLIP...the coin over to the skeptic in me....Someone said...and I am stealing a line....that he could sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady wearing white gloves...you still have to wonder....Is this all a ploy to get him out of his current contract....add this all up....Do the Bombers want a guy who really dosen't (or can't for family reasons) want to play in Canada...This is for alot of other people to work out...including the league..... :roll: :roll:

I really don't understand the problem here. He has a contract to play in the CFL. I know that things might be hard for him the the States and would like to play closer to home. But the same could be said of a lot people who work away from home and family. Why is the NFL showing so much interest in him now. Where were they before he signed his contract. :?: :?: :?: :?: