Hebert denied border entry

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The Kyries Hebert-to-Winnipeg saga has taken another surprising turn. The controversial linebacker, who was charged in a domestic dispute case in Texas this off-season, was denied entry into Canada Sunday, according to Sportsnet's Football Insider Eric Tillman.

As was reported first by Sportsnet, the 25-year-old linebacker was expected to report to Winnipeg early this week after signing a new three-year contract (two plus an option). Hebert, who led the CFL in special-teams tackles in 2005, had been involved in a dispute with the Bombers since they had claimed him off league waivers in April, after he was not being taken in the Ottawa dispersal draft due to concerns about his legal status.

After the felony charges were dropped to misdemeanors, the general consensus was that Hebert would have little difficulty getting into Canada. The basis of that presumption throughout the Canadian Football League was based on previous history in which other American players with multiple charges (including felonies) had been granted permission to play in the CFL.

Immigration Canada's decision to deny his entry, which the Bombers plan to aggressively appeal, was based on what they termed "a risk to re-offend."

If I was the bombers, I'd probably end this relationship now.. they clearly don't need him in any case.

Simple soloution.... I can have him in a Bombers jersey in 24 hours!

He should come to Vancouver, jump across the ditch at Zero Avenue. Tell immigration that he's a Central American Drug dealer who'll get shot if deported, and then our Left Wing Tree Huggers will pay his room and board for the next 20 years during his appeals, and he can play football for the Bombers until he retires.! :rockin:

Hey Sporty, To the front of the class! You have grasped the concept. Or, is ole Kyries not so stupid? Act stupid and get your access denied. Taman has said he would release him if he failed in his appeal so... NFL he I come! Ah sh*t I did not make it. Well, Texas state senior league here I come at $500. a game. That's it. Last time I waste my time on this guy until it gets done.

Okay Canada like Mexican illegals? Good the US can pawn-em off on you than. The US should start giving Mexicans maps to the Canadian border. That will end the US illegal immigrant crisis.

Remember NAFTA :rockin:

The Guy working at the Emerson Boarder is probably a Riders fan. Wait, I heard the guy was born in Montreal!!!

Actually, we're bringing in Mexican immigrants to pick berries this year in the Fraser Valley. All this fruit and nobody here to pick it.

...Bombers have a top-notch lawyer ...who is very familiar with immigration and border entry....working the case...if he dosen't get any results...it's see you later Hebert..someone raised a very good point and asked....why wasn't a working visa applied for earlier...Hebert could have had his answer then about coming to Canada...anyway, the wait continues..... :roll: :?

There are many fast food and stores closing here because they can not get workers. The other problem is if you move here you will need three to four months to put a roof over your head.

Left wing tree huggers...haven`t heard that one since I left BC.

The reality is that immigration on Felons has tightened up Ubfortunate for the bombers and Kyries but not a bad policy

Maybe wearing that pink bunny suit scared the customs guys! :lol:

He likely already had the visa from his stint with the riders. Based on past immigration policy ,in other word precedents ..there was no reason to doubt the Kyries would get across the border and work in Canada. Iam sure that the border crossong was the best option and natural option.

Sorry the renegades not riders...sorry rens fans

Hold on a minute Sportsman , left-wing tree huggers NEVER pay for ANYTHING . What they will do is everything you say except they will have YOU and ME pay for Everything ! Lefties wouldn't have it any other way!

Makes you wonder how all these Argos get across the border.

The same way Mexicans get across the American boarder.

the winnipeg sun has reported that Hebert's wife has sent a letter of recomendation to the bombers, who then sent it to canadian justice minister and manitoba MP vic toews


The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are hoping a letter from Kyries Hebert's wife will help get the linebacker into Canada.

Hebert's wife, Kristina, has written a letter of recommendation for her husband. She sent the letter to the Bombers, who forwarded it to Canadian Justice Minister and Manitoba MP Vic Toews.

The letter is crucial, considering Hebert is being kept out of the country because of a domestic dispute he had with his wife in January.

A Canadian customs official refused Hebert entry into the country on Monday because he felt Hebert is a risk to re-offend.


"It was a well written letter, so if that doesn't help, nothing will," said Bombers GM Brendan Taman.

The Bombers have an immigration lawyer trying to speed up the appeal process, which is also being done through the Canadian consulate in Los Angeles.

Hebert, meanwhile, is waiting at a hotel in Grand Forks, N.D. Taman said he should know later today if the appeal process is going to take hours, days, weeks or months.

If it's going to take weeks or months, Taman will tell Hebert to return home to Texas.

"I still think we'll get him in, but I don't know if it's going to happen that quick," said Taman. "... The letter from the wife I'm sure will help as well, but it's sort of out of our hands."

NEAR SWEEP: Bomber QB Kevin Glenn, LB Barrin Simpson and DE Tom Canada have all been named CFL players of the week following Winnipeg's 46-10 thrashing of the Edmonton Eskimos on Canada Day.

Glenn is the offensive player of the week after throwing for three touchdowns and 368 yards in just three quarters.

Glenn, who still has many critics, was asked if he was going to rub the award in anyone's face.

"I'm not like that. I'm never like that," said Glenn. "Probably the only person I want to mail it to is Milt (Stegall). He beat me out on a couple awards last year (when) I could have gotten player of the week."

Simpson is the defensive player of the week, while Canada was named top lineman.

The only non-Bomber to win a weekly award was Calgary Stampeders placekicker Sandro DeAngelis, who was the top special teamer.

Bomber OLs Obby Khan (for the second straight week) and Val St. Germain were runners-up for lineman of the week.

LATE HITS: The Bombers and CJOB have extended their radio broadcast rights agreement through 2011 ... Despite attracting fewer than 24,000 fans to the Canada Day game, attendance at Bomber games is up more than 10% this season compared to the same time last year.

Kudos the customs official who denied Hebert entry ...:lol: This person deserves a promotion for his due diligence in this matter... :wink:

In all seriousness however , lets hope that this situation gets resloved to all the parties satisfaction , so this soap opera can end and we cant talk about football.

Your right pennw, I keep forgeting the money is comming out of my wallet! :roll: Thanks for the correction!

...really i thought this topic was kind of related to football....because after all Kyries IS A SIGNED PLAYER OF THE CFL..C'MON sambo ...if you're actually talking about off-field happenings...compared to the actual game played....i agree....but its still all football. ..... 8)