Heated TSN Flag Debate

Sure but OPI is such a seldom call I'm not so sure it's as equally important as DPI since it just doesn't happen often. But whatever, in terms of consistency yes, it should be reviewable, agree. Not a game changer at all though for the most part.

That would also open up the possibility that a challenge of a non-call could end up with the call going against the team making the challenge. “Yes, you’re right. There was contact. But it was initiated by your player, not theirs. Still counts as one of your challenges, by the way.”

This coming from an absolutely unbiased observer who had no interest in who won the game ? :roll:
Was an easy penalty call not even an issue. Calgary the better team and deserving champs.

I don’t ant either to be challenged. What incentive is there for an official to make a tough call. There’s video review, the coaches have a challenge so why look foolish calling the close ones. Easier to say I couldn’t see it well than explain why you threw a flag on a call that was overturned. Don’t know of any other sport that allows video review of a judgement call.

Why bother trying to make the right tough call? Because they are still going to get raked over the coals by their supervisor for blatantly bad calls, whether they are subject to video review during the game or not. And the officials who regularly make those tough calls correctly are the ones who are selected to work playoff games and the Grey Cup, giving them a few extra dollars, and a bit more recognition (assuming that's important to them).

What I can't figure out is why Jake Ireland, who has made some very bizarre calls on video reviews over the years, hasn't received those same poor reviews by his supervisor. Or does he not report to anyone?

That is right kasps.

Excuses excuses. Blame the refs even when they make the right call.
Many plays during a game determine the outcome. Not just one.

As I said, it's easier to sell "I didn't see it that way from my position" than explain why you flagged an offense that did not occur. Officials in all sports are taught from the start, rule #1: Do not call what you don't see.

Officials do not always have the best position. Even when they are in the proper position as per their training for that situation it is not always the best position to see what they need to see. My dad had eyes in the back of his head but officials don't. :wink: