Heartwarming story about Dick Wesolowski (#27)

Former Hamilton Tiger-Cat (1969 - 1972) Dick Wesolowski looks at the U.S. Army dog tag that lead him to his long-lost father.

One interesting piece of information is that his daughter married ex-Ticat (and now current Winnipeg GM) Kyle Walters.


I played against Dick Wesolowski when he was a Cathedral Gael . He was very large and ran hard . I prayed that he would run somewhere that I wasn't . Both he and Ed Chalupka of Glendale High went on to play with the North Carolina Tarheels.
The Dick Wesolowski story has Hollywood movie written all over it . Scott Radley did a wonderful job in telling this heartwarming story . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (the old Westdale Warrior)