heartbroken fan

What the heck is Bob Young thinking???? A promising season has crash landed because of bad decisions.
Number 1: Firing the wrong coach
The coach that should have been axed was Paopao, not Marshall.
Number 2: Assigning Lancaster to Head coach the team.
If he was the only coach available , Marshall should not have been fired. Lancaster is a dinosaur and his glory days were over years ago.
The Ti-cats upper management tried to put an old band-aid on a fresh "cut".
The only way the team will succeed will be finally ending Lancaster's realm.[/b]

Rest assured, Lancaster will not be the head coach next year. :cowboy:

He shouldn't be part of the organization. Its bad optics at the best. It really looks like he's been interfering

Just so you know, I dont think the owner fired the coach it was the Other GM we had. This is how it went down.... probably.

Bob Young - Hmm someone has to go
Other GM - Oh knows I better fire someone because we are a loosing and I have this odd feeling that if I dont fire someone I will be fired.... Oh wait Greg Marshall, Ya that should do it, Greg your fired.

Few games later....
Bob Young - Oh my god firing Marshall was a bad mistake atleast when we lost it was close not blow outs.
Other GM - Oh knows better let some players go.

Last Week...
Bob Young - Thats it I gotta talk to the GM he is gone.
Other GM- Bad news it looks like I will be fired, wait Pao pao is gone haha, (Finally fires paopao).
But its too late other GM is gone .