I’m pretty devastated.

Congrats to the Bombers, I’m glad they ended their long drought… but ours gets longer.

I’m 26 and I was 6 last time we won. Don’t mean to be sexist, but hey, I was honestly way more interested in Barbies than football when I was 6 and I’ll admit that. 6 year old girls especially don’t often care about football.

But I still watched. My parents were Season ticket holders when I was young (my aunt still is, my parents canceled there’s when we moved to Kitchener-Waterloo). Every game I cheered.

Most of what I remember growing up. … we were bad. I watched us go 1-17. 3-15. Every other bad year in the 2000s. That’s the Ticats I grew up cheering for as a young girl. But STILL every year,. I watched.

In high school, I got my boyfriend to watch. To support our poor to mediocre team. Regardless of our record, he fell in love with the sad sack team, just like I had. We watched the 2013/2014 loses together. He’s a massive fan now-maybe bigger than me. He loves the Ticats. We went to three games this year, and he and my dad went to the East Final (I worked).

We had a child 15 months ago. Bought her an adorable tiny little toddler jersey. She wore it every game and sleeps in it when the games are late.

I thought this was the year. Again. Every year I think it’s our year. Every year I’m disappointed. With a 15-3 record, I hoped it was different.

I’m left again saying “maybe next year”.

I’m so tired of that.

Lost in the “Yay Winnipeg finally won, they had a 29 year drought!” is that we’re also a starving fanbase. We having won in the 2000s. Our fans are just as deserving.

It hurts. I’m happy for them … but it hurts. I’m heartbroken today.

Very touching from-the-heart post, CCL. I think we (many of us in our senior years) are all feeling the pain of a loss. During the 1812 war, there was a saying “Don’t Give Up The Ship” which essentially meant don’t surrender. However, I trust we can borrow it here to encourage all to hang in there. There’s always tomorrow…

First off, CONGRATS on your baby girl! That’s awesome!

Tonight I watched the game with my mother & family in her nursing home. Had my nieces & nephews, her grandkids, by her/our side. We had meatball sandwiches that my brother prepared from our Mom’s old recipe.

My youngest niece is a huge Speedy B fan and has a signed jersey from a few years ago. She wore it proudly. (Although I think she’s already taller than BB now!?!?)

My mother wore my late father’s favourite jersey that was bought for and signed by many of the '01 Ticats. I wore his '99 Grey Cup Champs Jacket. My brother wore a vintage hat circa that era as well.

Multiple generations of TiCats Fans together.

I understand your heartbreak. But it will come. Celebrate what you have in each other and the team and the tradition. You’re NEVER wrong when you feel with your heart and celebrate with family!

Oskee Wee Wee to you and your hubby and your daughter and family!

On the bright side … when the TiCats DO WIN … your baby girl will remember it even more fondly!

Go Cats!

Longsuffering is developing into the theme in Hamilton with respects to Grey Cup wins. You’re 26. Fast forward 30 years. That’s where I’m at with all the losing I’ve experienced with this team in my life. I would trade places with you immediately.