Heart vs dishearted

As another loss is recorded into the books for our beloved cats, its time for us the fans to rise up and ensure that Mr. Young knows we are behind him and OUR team.


I for one and I am sure there are plenty of other fans out there are fed up with seeing our best cats traded away, sent home for "personal reasons" etc. Dwight Anderon at least showed his heart and passion is in the game, the melee at the last home game showed us that there is still a glimmer of hope, a chance that our players are not just going through the motions. Julien has huge community spirit and team spirit, Danny Mac still holds Hamilton near and dear especially our childrens hospital.

I certainly hope that down the road in the very near future, this team can bring back our loyal ticats that we have "lent" to other teams, the players association and to the broadcasting world and offer them coaching positions, mentoring positions etc. We need Mike and Rob here, we need Danny Mac, Dwight's heart etc. We need our heart back.

The hammer time in Hamilton can only work if we stem the flow and keep our cats here. Use the players in the positions they are best suited for, give Casey receivers who want to catch and can catch. Give the defense players who live to feel the opposition under them on the turf, not players who are here only because they could not make it elsewhere. Then let the opponents feel the hammer, collectively we the fans can help them feel our hearts beating together with OUR team.

So how about it Hamilton, is your heart still beating, stand up and cheer, wear your Ticat gear proudly!!!!!

Bob Young needs to feel your heart along with his and the team, we owe him that.

Oski Wee Wee! Oski Wah Wah!

Your correct we need to stand by the team

I will always support the team. This has been the most difficult season I've witnessed, but that doesn't change the fact that the Ticats are my team and I'll always watch them play any time I can. It's been sickening at times this year, but these players have played their hearts out every week and they have my respect and support.

Seems like half of the ex-Cats players are with Toronto, and the other half play in Saskatchewan.

hmaid, that ramble was really touching, but just let me point out that the fans owe the undertaker NOTHING.
if anyone owes anyone anything, it's him who owes the fans something he's been unable to deliver-something to be proud of no matter where you go in this country. don't you miss being looked at as a powerhouse?having fans in other cities dread when the tiger-cats come to town, now they dread it for a different reason cause they're faced with a decision, do i go to the game or stay home and sort my socks
and underwear drawer.that's where it's at right now.
don't worry about owing bob something, he owes you.
ask not what you can do for bob young but what bob young can do for you.

                city legend

I have supported this team for twenty plus years.
My only questions is when will they be supporting me ?