Heart... Guts... Determination...

I can't remember a game when I have been so proud of the Tiger-Cats.

Let's hear it for the boys...

  1. Mo Mann - could have let the first play get him down but bounced right back. Veteran grit.

  2. Kevin Glenn - took a beating and kept the offence moving. This guy is incredibly tough.

  3. Defence - nobody getting by these guys today. Mass confusion for the Als. What a goal line stance!

  4. Chris Williams - concentration to make the circus catch.

  5. Avon Cobourne - deuces are wild.

  6. The crowd - loud on defence and quiet on offence.

Thanks for pounding the Als in a showdown for second place. Phenomenal execution and discipline - one penalty. :thup:

Well, I think you said it all.

After that Mann TD, I did not think he would be upstaged, but that was what Williams did. And Stala, knowing he's not a YAC guy, tossed a lateral to a YAC guy, though Mann did not gain much after that, was still good to see. Can't wait to see the highlights of this game.

And only 10 yards in penalties by us. On Labour Day! Who predicted that? I know the opponent was different, but...

That's all I can say now.

Nothing left to say.....

That was a classic smack-down...and not one Hamilton penalty......!

Congrats to the Tiger-Cats!! 8)

Actually.. .there was TWO Hamilton penalties!

I haven't seen the stats yet but I understood there was no penalty yards at all...perhaps I heard wrong (but it's still an exercise in great discipline regardless) 8)

Two -- Holding on #? on the kickoff return following the Anderson TD with 4:30 left in the game, and Offside on Hickman on a MTL 3rd & 10 play in the final minute or two. That was declined as McPherson had scrambled for a 1st down.

This what Been waiting for from this Team
a Huge effort from Offence and Defense Together

Very HAPPY and Proud if we can win 1 more we own the Season Series

I thought I heard Dunigan, after the game, say that Hamilton had won the series with Montreal.

He didn't elaborate, but I believe his thinking is that Hamilton is now up by 2 and is leading by a considerable margin in the points for and against the Als. So, should Climie's favourite team win the next two. Chances are Hamilton would win the series by the point spread over the 4 games.

Let's win next weekend and seal the deal....

Yes it time to put Digger in Montreal's BACK !!!

I’d personally settle for a dagger! :wink:

BTW Tom, I hope you will no longer be just a negative critic of the Tabbies and give them credit when they play well.

Dunnigan may have been sticking his neck out, but not by much. With the two wins so far (34-26 and 44-21) the Cats win the season series with Montreal UNLESS the Als win BOTH games in Montreal (Sept. 11 & Oct. 16) AND by a two-game total of 31 or more points difference.

Why not just win all 4

I assumed Dunigan just forgot that we play the Als four times this year instead of the usual three.

Totally agree with point 3. The repeated stuffs at the goal line were awesome.

This was 1st Game I felt they play great on Offence and Defense at Same time.

Special teams where sloppy and turnover have to cut down

But still a Great Game plan from coaches and executed well By the players

so I am happy ..

I am still get stick them when they play bad but today was a good day.

I was out of town yesterday afternoon (in Port Perry) but managed to get to my car to tune in CHML for a few minutes. I sure picked the right time....it was when the defence stuffed Montreal three times on the goal line. :slight_smile:
I did not hear the final score until after the game. Wow! :slight_smile:
Great win.