Heart and Soul

When it came time for speeches, quarterback Kerry Joseph - recently named the Canadian Football League's outstanding player - climbed on a stand holding the bust of former premier Tommy Douglas and stood with his arm around the medicare founder.

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Riders' Parade
"We are an organization; we are a team; we are a family; we are a province; we are a nation; we are champions," Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman told the crowd as they cheered

Thats from TSN and the speaches in the parliment buildings. Rarely do you see sports stars who understand the heart and soul of a province and the people in it. It's one thing for them to stand there and tell the fans they are the the best - all teams do that. This group of Riders "get it" and understand what it means to be the heart of the province. Kerry who is not from saskatchewan let alone Canada understand the people of the province hold Tommy Douglas in the highest esteem, and Tillmans comments show he truly understands what the Riders mean to each and every person who has lived in - been born in - or has there roots in Saskatchewan :slight_smile: