Health of the CFL Officials !?!?!?!

It’s ruining this GREAT Game !! :thdn: Something needs to be done ASAP ! Glen Johnson has created this major problem !

oh brother...this stupidity is never going to end it seems

Oh, Sorry I meant to say the officials are doing an outstanding job and the Glen Johnson is blaming the new players for calls being up 33% are the reason. The review system is bang on with no issues :rockin: Sorry about that folks, my mistake, I apologize :roll:

The officials are dictating a lot of games this season. Yes, every season refs make goof ball calls or non calls, but this season has been extremely bad. What bothers me the most is that Glen Johnson seems to think they're calling things the same way.

Glen Johnson has come in with a Heavy Hand wanting things his own way, the new regime is not working, the game is suffering and don't blame Ottawa for coming in the league ! that's a load of horse shit :x Johnson has to take some of the responsibility, instead he blames the new players !, WTF These so called new players are professionals and have played football most of their life, they know how to play football, it's not like they forgot how to play !!!

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Someone please tell me what pass interference is? IM CONFUSED

If you've watched the games and payed attention to the officials calls and video review decisions you would know that no one in the CFL knows what it is.

LMAO :lol:

I wouldn't worry about the health of CFL officials...I understand many of them are taking vitamin supplements this season.....they'll be fine.

yougottabekidding :lol:

Introducing tonight's game officials!!!!! :twisted: :cowboy: :twisted:

Can somebody find my flag for me ? I THREW IT SOMEWHERE ON THE FIELD !!!!!

I disagree bobo, I think the mice would have done a better job on Sunday than Bradbury's crew.

LOL!!!!!!! Sad but true dcm,sad but true :cry: :lol: :cry:

Yeah, a referee with a cane and glasses and mice with sunglasses on...really, never seen that before...yeah....funny.....

I just peed my pants it was so funny

yougottabekidding aka Glen Johnson :roll: thank's,glad I could make you laugh,now please don't throw a flag on me for excessive funniness :lol: :cowboy:
CFL REFFING 101,Bring on the clowns :slight_smile: :rockin: :cowboy: