Health of Banks?

Didn’t hear Coach O’s postgame yet. He say anything about Banks?

I couldn’t watch most of the game. I didn’t see Banks get injured. Hoping for the best as he is the best! Keep this team together. With another year of experience under Evans’ belt we will be back in the big show.

Rider fans harassed him into deleting his twitter account. So there’s that.

He can’t be the only Cat who’s hurting today. That was a beat down. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

I don’t blame him, yes he should choose his words more carefully but the way people have been towards him is disgusting. Humans are terrible and getting worse everyday.

Par for the course for Rider fans (on social media)

Dork, with all due respect, you must see the irony in your post!

Did someone say it was a hip injury?

Speedy is a small guy playing a big man’s game. Last year’s injury was similar, in the sense that he hit the ground and a defender landed on top of him. (The WPG player seemed to put a bit of effort into a follow-up roll onto Banks - could have been momentum - could have been a determination to win by any means necessary.)

Speedy has been remarkably durable given the amount of touches he gets. But I’m a bit concerned about his longevity in the sport.

Go on twitter and check out the things being said to Banks and Simoni from Rider fans.

You’ll see the difference.

Do they likewise misrepresent and belittle other Rider fans who question their opinions?

Nah they generally are a confident bunch.

Not worried that the ghosts of Grey Cup pasts will come down and curse them.

When one is comfortable feeling like a victim any criticism feels like an “attack”.

Oh my! Mr. O.M. Dork, are you thinking of writing a book with all these thoughtful (and not so thoughtful) sayings and moral effusions? Can I suggest a title: “Proverbs on Being a Fan: the Musings of a Dork”.

Theyre accurate observations from years of reading posts.
Its not new .
"The why do I bother getting my hopes up? Why arent you miserable like me?" attitude of some fans has been a consistent theme from day one of this message board.

I have a question then: Were you on this board before with a different handle? It shows you only signed up in 2017…

Been here as long as Bob Young.

Getting back to the topic; last night there was a rumour that Banks was in need of surgery.
Not sure if its for the hip or shoulder.

That is NOT good news.

Can confirm.