Health Doubts Clouds Richie Hall

Rumours swirling in Wpg. now that Wpg Blue bomber defensive coach Richie Hall may not be able to work this year. . . . . due to as yet undisclosed health matters!

BIG GAP FOR THE BOMBERS - especially a couple weeks before training camp. As per the form chart the bombers will sluff off the potential loss with a smarmy style presser.

They already lost Bob “Walrus” Wylie as their OL coach.

Hall would be a big loss - but he’s not irreplaceable. After all, bombers gave up the most yards of any CFL team last year!

.......I hope Ritchie is alright...Nobody seems to know the actual cause for his health concern, I just hope it's not serious....As for replacing him this late....good luck...Someone would have to be brought in that is unfamiliar with the system and it would take too long to get up to speed...I see somebody internally as a temp fix and that is not great.. :roll:

If Hall isn't fit to go - the only names I can think of are rather hoboish - ie. Timid Tim Burke & Gary "10 Man Rush" Etcheverry. Frankly, the best bet might be Ian Wilde, a current above average import linebacker who's shown me a ton of smarts last couple years, a bit injury prone cuz he's slightly under-sized and an inability to play more than a handful of games before getting derailed.

I've identified Wilde as a potential head coach in the league - so why not get started a bit early. Take the best of the Rich Hall system (ie. ball-hawking & zone prevent) and trim some of the worst aspects (ie. feeble rush, playing off WRs far too much) and take it from there. :cowboy: