Heal up Jesse. We need you back in '09

With Jesse we are a better team. Obie has another year under his belt to assess/assemble his vision of a team and now the off-season to recruit some real "keepers" on the O and D line for training camp, and with Jesse included in that quota we are that much better. Here's hoping Jesse decides to sign with the Tiger-Cats and the Cats' brass realize that JL sells tickets when they make their offer. Every signing of a CFL player is a gamble re: production, potential, results, injuries....etc. But I can't name another player in this league that will sell more season /game day tickets than JL for this team. I hope Jesse will continue to accept the challenge of being a part of turning this team into a winner. Murphy's Law says we will be in the winner's circle next year. I hope JL is there to push us that much further!!!

Murphy's law says that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. For reference, see the Cats' game film from the last several years.

Regarding the timeline for an improved Ticat record, I think the most applicable law is Hofstadter's law: "It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's law."

Does anyone know that Pinball only played half a season in each of his first THREE !!! seasons . Does that mean HE WAS INJURY PRONE ???

You do make a valid point. I would think Jesse would draw more of a crowd in Hamilton than he would anywhere else.

Naysayers.....we've got enough of em on this site. Let's get some positive energy going. Murphy's Law has been all but used up here. The positives of Brooks's Law should be right around the corner. Let's get the Tiger-Cat edge back!! Let's focus on letting the Obiemeister get some real talent in, as in 'big boys' on the O and D-line here for the '09 camp and move on. JL should sign on and be a part of that! Here's hoping he's doing well after his surgery today and looking forward to seeing him back in a Hamilton Tiger-Cat uniform.

didnt know that but I knew that his second season as an argo he won the MOP award.

One more chance here with Jesse, he's too good when he's healthy not to. One more as long as it doesn't cost us too dearly that would upset the applecart finances wise.

Not one player is going to "sell tickets" The hometown boy" thing has run it's course looooong ago. The only thing that is going to fill up IWS now is a contending team....doesn't really matter if Jesse is a part of it or not.

Jesse being healthy WILL sell tickets.

Sorry to disagree...but the figures say otherwise.

At home, with Jesse playing the Ticats averaged 21,500 attendance. That is including a 26,000 attendance for the labour day game which historically sells better than regular games. Take that game out and they average 20,400.

At home, without Jesse, they averaged 19,900. Not a big difference.

With or without, the attendance has been dissapointing. Unless the cats become realistic contenders, Not Jesse, Porter, Prechae or any one individual is going to make people throw their money down on a regular basis to see their team lose week after week and it sure isn't a big motivating factor to watch him play when the team is eliminated by Labour day. Sure, Jesse is capable of ripping off a 200 yd game from time to time but the figures show that he is twice more likely to be held to under 50 yds.

All that being said, I don't think that Jesse is really in the teams plans for 2009. Reading the press about his impending free agency, I don't think he really wants to stay here...too bad, but realistically, you have to take that money and invest in an O line so Porter stays healthy, or a wide receiver, so teams don't key on Prechae.

I concur with you als4ever. There is only one way to increase attendance and that is to field a winning football team. Jesse is at a point in his career where he realizes that many of us don't give a damn if he comes back or not. He has to be feeling the vibes from the fans and probably his team mates too.
I'd vfenture to say that he'll try to go elsewhere on his own if he gets a decent offer.

Sure, we'd like to see him heal completely from his injuries, but in terms of taking another chance on his health, I personally would like to see him go elsewhere, and good luck to him. The team has gone to the well with this guy once to often, and unless they are suckers for punishment, they need to realize that the laws of probability say he'll likely injure himself again and cause the team and fans another setback.
This is Jesse's history.

Running backs are a dime a dozen IMO. I want to see more durability at this position. Jesse will have surgery on his labrum again and during training camp, have very few touches of the football because like this year, team management will want to save him for regular league play rather than risk reinjury.

Fine, so regular league play begins and guess what, he'll almost certainly re injure himself and be lucky to play half the season, (AGAIN) particularly since he has already had a major setback with the same labrum.

Shop this guy around with Printers and get some value for monies spent.

Can't really shop Jesse, he's a free agent this winter. Hard to shop a guy who's just had his second surgery on the same shoulder in any case. Either we sign him again, or he goes elsewhere. Sign- and- trade is possible I suppose, but a team that would be interested would just go after him as a FA anyway. I won't be surprised to see him stay here-- the money may not be greener elsewhere after all.

As for Printers, I expect him to be at our camp next spring. He didn't have a season that would command a good return in trade before then.

spike, running backs may be a dime a dozen but above average excellent Canadian running backs aren't. Jesse when healthy is one heck of an asset to any team in this league where you can't have enough Canadians that you have to find and play.
Just get Jesse a nerve block so he doesn't feel pain, that might do the trick! Just kidding though, nerve blocks have their place from what I'm told but only in specific situations depending.

I hear ya, Earl and I note your key words: "when healthy".

well played spike.

I say sign him - if we have no starting QB, potentially no kicker...wouldnt you want to build your offence around someone?

hard to build your team around an injury prone player who is supposed to be a ratio buster.

I think RBs are a dime a dozen, how could you explain Caulley and Smith coming out of nowhere. What about Stefan Logan in BC or Fred Reid in Winnipeg or the 4 guys they used in Edmonton.

Finding a receiver is a tougher thing to do.

I think we do have a starting QB. His name is Quinton Porter.

You cut or trade CP and use his money to get 4 linemen. Waiting until training camp to cut him or trade him makes no sense as you would use your money on nobodies and we'd again get the NFL prize winning cut.

So no, don't bring Jesse back. We are fine without him. If he had played at least 30 games the last 2 years then I would in a heartbeat. He's injury prone and we can't count on him to help us with ratio issues.

They have been trying that since jesse came here, its not working. The cats have gone through a lot of starting qbs and have a great kicker............jesse is never in the lineup. I like him. I hope he comes back.....the thought or suggestion that you need to build an offence around him is a joke. They have tried that for three friggin years and only now..........when they got away from it and decided to pass the ball and let some recievers make plays have they had some success. They had a jesse first offence that relied on him when healthy and waited for him to return when he wasnt. They are improving now as a team offence, because its done by more than one guy. I like the guy, but you cant build an offence around him cus he isnt reliable.

There other positions we could use you at Lumsden! Dont feel bad about coming back here!

True enough boys, keywords 'when healthy' are the key for sure. Agreed.